Friday, March 14, 2008

Get Ready For The SuperSizeMe Fearmongering ... House Passes - Without Immunity - New FISA Bill

The Garlic seconds, and joins in heartily, Jane Hamsher's call for "Lets have a party!"

The Congress beat back the lies and fearmongering, and passed the new FISA Bill, by a count of 213-197-1.

From Glenn Greenwald;

"As impressive as the House vote itself was, more impressive still was the floor debate which preceded it. I can't recall ever watching a debate on the floor of either House of Congress that I found even remotely impressive -- until today. One Democrat after the next -- of all stripes -- delivered impassioned, defiant speeches in defense of the rule of law, oversight on presidential eavesdropping, and safeguards on government spying. They swatted away the GOP's fear-mongering claims with the dismissive contempt such tactics deserve, rejecting the principle that has predominated political debate in this country since 9/11: that the threat of the Terrorists means we must live under the rule of an omnipotent President and a dismantled constitutional framework."
So, what next?

If they stay-to-form ...

The Commander Guy, eyes slanted, lips pursed, sounding very much like someone who hasn't taken their meds, will vent against it, promising to veto it, if he doesn't get his ass-saving Telcom Immunity, and, accusing the Democrats of leaving the country at the mercy of terrorists.

Since its long established that facts, truth and losing a vote battle are mere fleas on an elephant, the GOP (perhaps another tearful performance from John Boehner), the Freakshow and other nitwits, will be screaming to the high heavens on how the Democrats are making the country unsafe, complete with vivid tales of nefarious terrorists, apparently hanging around right offshore, on the ready to bounce on us and kill all our families.

And on and on ...

Time to cue up Que Sera Sera...

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OMG! ... The Country Is Still Safe, and Standing!

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