Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More On Client No. 9 ... Brought To You By "On Cue"

I found it especially refreshing today, that there stood the Mississippi Primary, if only so we didn't hear the words "Eliot Spitzer" pass through the lips of every news anchor, every talking head, about every 30-seconds.

And a late day bonus of the Bush Grindhouse firing Admiral Fallon (more on that coming soon) certainly went to tamping down, though not completely clearing it off the radar

After the bucket of water dumped over heads yesterday, on the New York Governor' lascivious behavior, everyone unbunched their panties today, and hit their floor marks.

The late night television comics all took their shots.

Delivering, on cue, with stern editorials, alternately slamming and tisk-tisking Client 9, were The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

The states' GOP hacks were huffing and puffing with threats and deadlines, to either get out of town, or we'll throw you out of town.

And the Governor's old enemy, Wall Street, was hooping and hollering in joy.

Last, but not lest, all of the above was the reason (or the excuse) to drag the old dirt bag, Heidi Fleiss, back to center stage and she pontificated her worldly wisdom on the whole mess.

Sigh ...

In the event anyone was nervous as this scandal unfolded, fear not, Barry Crimmins, heroically, took the reigns of the Empire State and guided her through the night (and with some excellent Executive decision-making).

Oh yeah, more and more, questions are being raised about just what the hell is going on.

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