Friday, March 14, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard In House Secret Session Last Evening

News Item: The Secret Is Out: There Was No Big Secret

10. Hey, Steve King, why don't you do a little of the Islamist dancing in the aisles for us ...

9. Did you hear about Tucker Carlson being fired?

8. I hope we can wrap this up by 9:00 ... The Big East tourney is on tonight

7. That 'Green, Green, Grass' song Bush sang the other night, it that some new Global Warming tune, or something?

6. I hope, if I run for president, and I get the nomination, and I get invited to the White House for lunch, whoever is President won't serve fucking hot dogs to me!

5. I've said it for years, that Hillary is a monster...

4. Can you believe Karl Rove is getting $40,000 a pop, out on the circuit?

3. I heard they called for a Secret Session, for no other reason that they hope Saturday Night Live does a skit about it

2. Billy Crystal is on the phone ... He wants to know if he can be a Congressman for a day ...

1. Okay, since we're in secret session, and off-the-record, everyone can throw their Emperor Club cards in here and we'll burn them

Secret Bonus Riffs

Closed sessions of the United States House of Representatives

James Oliphant: FISA infinitum: Debate rolls on and on

Jane Hamsher: Telecom Immunity Removed From House Bill


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