Tuesday, March 11, 2008

He-Man Heaved!

He wore bow ties and heroically battled predatory homosexuals.

He danced with the stars.

In the end, perhaps, he was just the ying, to Rita Cosby's yang.

Word came out the MSNBC is tossing Tucker Carlson, host of the black-holed time-slotted "Tucker" of 6PM (or, perhaps, it is Tucker himself that made it a black-hole time-slot).

Now, this is a story that, perhaps, would have been hot and big yesterday, and it was building to that until about 1PM, when the first of the avalanche of news burst out on Client No. 9, the New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, and his romp in prostitution land.

Boy, considering Spitzer's career and background, think of the cross-pollination of media, if it came out that Spitzer beat up a pimp in a public restroom?

Tucker could have had him on for the hour, and compare He-Man notes with the Governor.

Perhaps Tweety would have jumped on the bandwagon, and gushed about the Governor's manly scent, his Aqua Velva.

No, no such luck.

More words indicate the Tucker is being replaced with a show, hosted by the dancing, Bush-loving, intrepid reporter, David Gregory.

Oh boy!

I either need to put cable in the kitchen, or bring my dinner into the den, so I don't miss a minute of this riveting drivel.

Somebody start the counter, on how many time "Stretch" (Bush's pet name of him) pushes back against guests that diss The Commander Guy, and/or the Bush Grindhouse.

At least, for the moment, they held the line of giving Rachel Maddow the keys to the building, though, no doubt, as has been the case, they'll have her name stenciled on chair, on the set of Gregory's new gig (Just wondering, does Maddow have the same deal as Pat Buchanan, in that, she has to appear on nearly every MSNBC broadcast?)

Stay tuned, Batfans ...

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