Sunday, March 09, 2008

Editor's Note ... Slow Boat To Posting II ... Stuck In Dry Dock

Well, we had our big day yesterday, hopefully, providing the ticket to exit out of Computer Hell...

The technician showed up, wasn't convinced my problem was a modem problem (though it did show signs of giving a weak signal), hooked up a new modem, and, drumroll, please ...

The problem still exists!

The time it takes for an email to drop in, in some cases, the sender could print it out on their end and walk it over to me ... And, understand, while the computer cycles (and cycles, and cycles) to deliver this email, it slows down just about every other operation I may undertake.

(And, surfacing this week also, a secondary problem with Blogger, the host of The Garlic; It's back office stuff, not effecting what's on-line, yet, nonetheless, absolutely frustrating, perhaps more-so, the lack of Customer Service regarding this issue)

I performed a bunch of scans, defrags, etc, in the thought, with the new modem, perhaps something with take, but, alas, as, earlier in the week, after doing the same, no difference.

So, between this, as well as some other things on the homefront, left me pretty drained and, for a brief period, in a most foul mood, and to the point, not wanting to sit in front of the computer.

And, we were losing an hour (set your clocks ahead if you haven't already done it).

So, filed away the half-written posts and notes and chilled out.

The plan is to plod through it today, awaiting talking to a super-duper technician tomorrow ...

Thanks for hanging in and, as always, we are appreciative of your visits to The Garlic.


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