Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Turn ... On My Faith and My Church

We start the week with the two-headed monsters of Hillary and Geraldine "I'm Not A Racist" Ferraro, all but calling Barack Obama a lawn jockey, and then (Geraldine) getting all pissy about it, while Hillary took the time to have a cup of coffee, before kicking her off the bus (no, not throwing her, nor running her over).

Then, today (or was it yesterday) a dizzying array of video is played all over television news, like a Los Angeles freeway car chase, of Obama's "Pastor", Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in his greatest hits of over-the-top, lung-screeching, America-bashing sermons (or speeches) and, bang, everyone starts throwing kitchen sinks, toasters, blenders, stoves, you name it, at Obama.

(Check out Memeorandum either now, or between 5:00PM and 6:00PM this evening).

And, I believe it may have been two, possible three-seconds after the videos began airing, the cacophony of dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds began demanding that Obama disavow, reject, denounce, and hit with either a cluster or nuclear bomb, the Rev. Wright.

And for every second that Obama didn't show up on national television, holding the bloody head of Rev. Wright, the calls got louder and louder.

Good thing the Junior Senator from Illinois is one cool cucumber.

For, before the round, nationwide, of 5PM newscasts, before the big network anchor guns went on air, Obama pens this, on The Huffington Post;

On My Faith and My Church

Second paragraph;

"Let me say at the outset that I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies. I also believe that words that degrade individuals have no place in our public dialogue, whether it's on the campaign stump or in the pulpit. In sum, I reject outright the statements by Rev. Wright that are at issue."
Obama goes on to explain his coming to Rev. Wright, rightly fills in more of the picture of Rev. Wright (sorry nitwits, he doesn't just live inside those videos) - a former U.S. Marine, the charitable and giving work of his church, etc.

Then Obama closes down with;
"Let me repeat what I've said earlier. All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn. They in no way reflect my attitudes and directly contradict my profound love for this country.

With Rev. Wright's retirement and the ascension of my new pastor, Rev. Otis Moss, III, Michelle and I look forward to continuing a relationship with a church that has done so much good. And while Rev. Wright's statements have pained and angered me, I believe that Americans will judge me not on the basis of what someone else said, but on the basis of who I am and what I believe in; on my values, judgment and experience to be President of the United States."

Asked ... Answered ... Delivered.

Well, at least for today.

No doubt, the RNC/GOP, Freakshow and Dittoheads will chase him all the way into November with this stuff, which Obama acknowledged, in an interview with Keith Olbermann at 8:00PM (did we mention about Obama being too cool?)

Two different things, Ferraro and Rev. Wright, but, unfortunately for most of the country, they'll be pulling out their little scorecards, and checking off one in the Obama column.


And it wouldn't surprise me if Hillary and her crew are reloading the kitchen sink, with burned CD's of the Reverend Wright video highlights, to hand out along the campaign trail for the next six-weeks in Pennsylvania

Or maybe Ferraro, exercising her First Amendment rights, will do it.

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