Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Compliment for The Garlic

This came as a rather nice surprise.

We had a small amount of traffic the other day, from a site we weren't familiar with, not having been seen before.

Soooooo ... We clicked over and found The Grabdominal Core, and a post "Potpourri".

J. Grab, the writer of this new blog, which seems to track comedy, humor and satire, offered

This week I tried to delve deeper into the world of political satire blogging. I just googled a lot (how’s that for linking?) and was able to come up with some stuff in surprisingly sparse field. I find it odd that in the age of the Internet and the age of what Entertainment Weekly has called “the most entertaining election ever,” I wasn’t launched into a bevvy of sites. Here are three that stood out. I’m sure there are more to come and hope I am just dipping my toes into the world of Internet political satire.
And they had this to say;
The Garlic is a site with obvious respect or hatred for The Onion. The title could mean either. I loved this site because it is so well informed. It’s definitely pro-Obama (probama anyone?), but most satirists seem to be. It is also spectacular how they refer to McCain as “Stumblin’ Bumblin’ John.“

Pros: Backed Up Sources. You can see from that list, it’s funny, but not moronic at all. All those links are backed up sources, unlike myself who links to things like this.

Cons: Definitely not for the casual election follower.

Not bad, we can live with that.

Take a jaunt over to The Grabdominal Core, and give'em some traffic and comments!

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