Sunday, October 05, 2008

First Thing For Obama To Say At Tuesday's Debate ...

This is rather opportunistic.

If Leonard Pinth Garnell were around, he might describe it as "Bad Character Assassination Theatre"

Since the Rove Rats (and likely, the Turd Blossom himself) has pointed Mommy Moose, and the Dead Campaign Express, to throw mud on Barack Obama - over the William Ayers thing (Hey Guys, Hillary tried to work this and it didn't fly ), Obama might like to open Tuesday's debate along these lines

John ... Since your campaign has started another negative campaign against me, calling me unpatriotic, the old William Ayers story, which another major publication, the NYT, just did another story on it, citing my extremely limited connection to Mr. Ayers ...And since our debate this evening is to be about the economy of the country, why don't you spend a few minutes and tell our audience, many who are likely too young to remember it, refresh us all on the Keating Five scandal, and your role in it ...I think, especially with the troubles we have now, the audience here, and at home, would like to hear that ...
If McCain doesn't faint, or have a heart attack, it will likely cause Fly Boy to put together a Palinesque string of sentences, with reddening face and bulging neck veins, that will included a bevy of "My Friends", "Maverick", "Country First", and a POW-POW-POW story, or two.

And Garnell's assessment of the McCain-Palin Smear Job?

"Monumentally ill-advised!"

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