Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Most Surprising Things John McCain Can Do At The Debate This Evening

News Item: Tonight's Debate and McCain's Catch-22

10. Comes out in drag, dressed and looking like Sarah Palin

9. Breaks down sobbing, begging Barack Obama for a job in his administration

8. Has Joe Lieberman on-stage with him, to whisper correct answers to him

7. Quick costume change, to top hat and tails, and then a tap/soft-shoe routine to the tune Is That All There Is?

6. Bad sign for Obama - Just before debate starts, Tom Brokaw is seen giving McCain a box of donuts

5. The Game Changer - Raffles off one of his houses to a lucky audience member

4. To make sure he doesn't look at Obama again, comes out wearing horse blinkers

3. Brings wife Cindy out, who has baked cookies, from a secret family recipe, for the entire audience

2. Shows up late for the debate - Got caught in a hot game of Craps in one of the Frat houses

1. Instead of a sharp-looking suit, McCain wears his old POW uniform

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