Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Does She Eat Arugula, As Well?

The pitbull with lipstick ... A Hockey Mom in high heels ...

Ya Betch'ya!

If Tina Fey's parodies weren't enough for you, you can add Keith Olbermann's Special Comment last evening, and he didn't need to be co-piloting a helicopter to shoot down Mommy Moose for her insipid bullshit.

She's shot out of her self-conducted stump speech, that passed for a debate, belting out the Right Wings Greatest Hits, firmly anchoring herself to the crashing Dead Campaign Express.

She doesn't want to talk to the media any longer, she only appears before rabid, base-only audiences (in which, shockingly, the Rove Rats are now preventing the media from talking to said rabid, base-only audience, so as not to let any stray anti-McCain-Palin comments seep into the MSM)

Her speeches are inciting people to call for killings.

Say it ain't so, Wasilla Whiz Kid!

Overshadowed, in the Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain version of 'Lost Weekend' (Christ, if Ray Milland's character, Don Birnam were around, he'd keep on belting them down, preferring to remain in a drunken stupor, than having to see and listen to this crap), in which he didn't go as far as his protégé, he only approved of his speech audiences' calling Obama a terrorist, was that the scrappy Governor of Alaska may be a closet elitist.

She ,,, hmmmm ... boasted of drinking a Starbucks Mocha Coffee...Reading 'The New York Times'

Did it come with a side of arugula?

I would have thought the Shooting-Wolves-from-Helicopters spouse of the First Dude, coming from the rugged, frozen tundra, made her own coffee, like a, kind of, frontier Martha Stewart.

Especially out on the stump, just go around the grounds, scrounge up some leaves and branches, spend a few minutes rubbing the sticks together, to get the fire going, and then boil herself up a good, steamin' Cup-of-Joe.

Or, is this Hockey Mom-Joe-Six-Pack-With-Lipstick really a closet elitist?

The Elmira Gantry was out on the stump, in Carson, California, where she, gosh darn it, lived right up to our post from the other day, sliding comfortable into her Emily Latila mode.

Looking to fire up the crowd, Palin quoted the saying from her Starbuck Mocha Coffee.

From Nico Pitney, over on HuffPo;

The statement came after Palin had recounted a "providential" moment she experienced on Saturday: "I'm reading on my Starbucks mocha cup, ok? The quote of the day... It was Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State [crowd boos] and UN ambassador. ... Now she said it, I didn't. She said, 'There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women.'"

Actually, Albright didn't say that. The real quote is, "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't help other women."

(You can watch the video of it here)

Screwing up the Reagan quote ... Now this ...

Jesus, someone, a staff member, a campaign intern, buy this woman 'Bartlett's Familiar Quotations', so she can set it to memory, the way she did with the talking points at the debate the other evening.

I have to think it's going to be tough campaigning, with constantly putting your foot in your mouth.

But Wait, There's More!

Apparently, in her heavy-duty coaching and studying, they gave her Fly Boy's World Atlas to bone up on, for it was news to many that Afghanistan is now a "neighboring country" to us.

Palin calls Afghanistan ‘our neighboring country.’
“They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan,” she told several hundred supporters at a fundraising event in San Francisco.
I haven't noticed any Taliban moving into my neighborhood, and none of the local travel agencies are running promos for a "Two-Nights-Three-Day" getaway to Jalalabad.

I wonder, if Mommy Moose climbs up on her roof, or maybe, a nearby hill, if she can see Afghanistan from Alaska?

Maybe that's what has her thinking it’s a neighboring country.

It seems, that we were rather close, on target, with pegging Sarah Palin as the new Emily Latila

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