Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Ugliness Please ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll


It’s starting to look like a horrible automobile accident, with the backseat littered with empty beer cans and whiskey bottles - and the inebriated driver pointing fingers and blaming everyone but themselves.

Despite reams of videotape, our Court-Appointed-President veered off course, to launch his new “Hello, I Must Be Going” strategy (or tactic, we’re not clear on that).

Not with Dennis Miller displaying, once again, how far he’s fallen (Memo To Miller: Get the Chimp, swallow your pride and see if CNBC will take the two of you back), or the Talking Dirigible slamming, not just Parkinson victims, but all those with serious disabilities (and funny, how he didn’t bring up his own drug-taking binge), and, finally, Ken Mehlman and the RNC, winking at the NAACP with one eye, while directing the Old Southern Strategy (or tactic, to stay on message with the President) with the other, have we seen such a pack of wolves spread out and turn on whoever was closest, including each other.

All that adds up to it’s going to get real ugly this week, into the weekend and batten down the hatches next Monday and Tuesday.

As to our Garlic Poll voters, their message is for the First Lady and Barney to escape to Crawford, close all the doors, windows and shades and hunker down until the Midterms are over ...

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll October 22 - October 28 2006

With the Midterm Elections looming within the next three-weeks, and no new Iraq Strategy coming from President Bush, were likely to see the Republican candidates...

1. Start badgering the First Lady and Barney to hightail it outta there, so that, maybe, the President does something Tally 30%

2. Use the Tan Nguyen strategy, and start firing off threatening letters, but on their opponent’s letterhead, to minority groups that will likely vote for the Democrats Tally 28%

3. Admit to sending Pages inappropriate instant messages, even if they didn’t, just so they don’t have to defend their record of backing the President Tally 26%

4. Get some more kids to do more internet writing contests and have a gosh-darn new terror threat everyday up to the election Tally 16%

This week’s Poll - With the campaigns coming down to the final week, and indications showing that the House, at least, will go to the Democrats, and elevating Nancy Pelosi to House Speaker, Pelosi can expect the RNC and GOP to ....

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Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t look for any backrubs from President Bush if, as polling data indications, the Democrats take back Congress in next week’s Midterm Elections

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