Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fat Lady Is Singing!

Well, we have had quite the day.

As we left off last evening ("Hey! ... Where You Goin' With That Browser!" ...), The Garlic was stuck, with one foot in Computer Hell, the other frantically attempting to get the other one out of it.

Our Firefox Browser was corrupted (either by a visit to YouTube, or The Huffington Post, with that annoying, omnipresent "NetFlix" pop-up ad), with Google searches being directed to sites other than what they should have been (a bevy of sales, marketing, and, in the cretin creator of such malware perversity, malware removal sites).

Running various scans for the malware, or viruses, was proving fruitless.

So, we began the day with unistalling Firefox, then reinstalling it, to see if the problem existed.

It did.

So, uninstall again, but this time, based on various reading yesterday, in our search for a solution, we installed for our browser, the Opera Browser.

And, so far, we are quite impressed.

Pretty slick-looking and, as billed, it is quite fast - faster than FireFox (and infinitely faster than IE).

Our new-found joy last only a few hours, as the dreaded browser-redirection issue soon surfaced on Opera, as well.

We have since run a few more programs, attempting to end this problem and no luck, so far

But we are going to let the Fat Lady sing, and leave Opera as the browser of record for now, as I can get used to the super-speed it is displaying.

Rather than half-ass it, with the handful of back-logged posts, we will (assuming all is working well) come charging out of the gate tomorrow with regular posting.

In the meantime, we'll spoil the announcement, and point you to that we have resumed our Weekly Garlic Poll, so go throw your vote in, and we'll have the official post on it tomorrow.

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