Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Good Fox Slapdown!

Oh, this one is just pure fun.

With the Republicans in meltdown, not knowing whether to piss, or wind their watches, it will be, for the next few years, such a joy to see the dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds over there on Faux News, sitting there, their heads exploding from the build-up of methane gas.

We agree with Glen Greenwald, that this is "really worth watching";

Even more notable is the dripping condescension directed at him by the Fox personality at the end of the interview for having committed the sin of exhibiting genuine passion and anger over something as trivial as the disappearing middle class and the massive and growing rich-poor gap. That's the crime of Shrillness, one of the prime hallmarks of Unseriousness -- failing/refusing to suppress one's anger towards our political and financial establishment ...
And, we also have to hip you to John Cole's suggestion, over on Balloon Juice;
If you really want to get the full flavor of what a jerk this interviewer comes across as, watch this video without any sound. It almost looks like an SNL skit- the guy did everything but stick his tongue out and put his thumb to his nose while waving his fingers.
We give you Lansing, Michigan Mayor Virg Bernero.


Mayor Bernerno kicked his ass, and then knocked his teeth out for mumbling about it!

This is right up there with Robert Gibbs tap dancing all over Sean Hannity's head last fall.

I guess the GOP didn't send over all of the talking points this day.

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