Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Nina Simone!

Today would have been the 76th birthday of "The High Priestess of Soul", Ms, Nina Simone.

We certainly couldn't let that go by without a nod.

The Official Nina Simone Website

Nina Simone on MySpace

Nina Simone on Wikipedia

L'hommage: Nina Simone

And here is one my favorites ...If this isn't a classic, late Saturday night riff ... 

Oh, the heartbreak ... 

You Can Have Him By Nina Simone


Citizen said...

I see you're a Nina Simone fan,
I'm about to release a project paying tribute to Nina Simone and I've put together a Trailer/Sampler for the project in the format of a Youtube video. Help me continue Nina Simones legacy and support this project by posting the trailer on your blog.
It's called "In Search of her Soul: A tribute to Nina Simone"
Here's the link...
Thanks In Advance
Video Code:

Foss Willington said...

wow that sounds sick! where can i pick that up?