Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Garlic Poll Results - 'Sir, Will That Be A One-Way Ticket To The Hague?"

Our long national nightmare has come to an end.

Well, yes, The Commander Guy, but we refer to we finally got around to closing down this poll.

We put it up last Spring, for the 5th Anniversary of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, and a combination of getting a good response to it, wanting to leave it running while HE was still, even though it was a court-appointed deal, holding the office, and, the ever-present pressing duties on the homefront.

And, The Garlic's Poll isn't off-the-mark.

Just recently, over 40% of Americans polled support bringing Bush, and the rest of the cronies from The Bush Grindhouse, to justice.

Ahhh, but the new President waffles.

Glenn Greenwald pointed out the downside of not pursuing these charges, hightlighting a guy that is going to go hoarse, jumping up-and-down, all but setting his hair on fire, pointing out the painfully obvious, Jonathan Turley;

Jonathan Turley: These are war crimes. These are special categories. . . . The downside to all the [inauguration] pageantry -- and it is certainly well-deserved -- is that it's important for people who lift their hand in front of that building to understand the difference between the man and the mandate.

And the mandate here, as far as I understood it, is that we were going to have a true change, where people would be held accountable. And all this talk about civility makes it sound like it's just simply uncivil to investigate people for war crimes. . . .

All they have to do is say: "we're going to allow the law to be enforced." That's not a very difficult thing to say. But it's going to be inconvenient. But principles are always inconvenient. It's never a good time for principle. . . .

What I think the new Barack Obama -- President Obama -- is going to find it very hard to do is go around the world and say: "we're now again a nation of laws," if the first act he commits as President is to walk away from confirmed war crimes.

Rachel Maddow: If the administration has confirmed that they tortured people -- and they have, they have used the "t" word; they have described what they have done, which is recognized as torture, it is something for which we have prosecuted people -- are we literally looking at the possibility where administration officials from this administration cannot travel abroad to the other 145 countries that have signed the torture treaties because they might get arrested?

Jonathan Turley: Most certainly. The status of George Bush is not that different from Augusto Pinochet. They've both been accused of running a torture program. Outside of this country, there is not this ambiguity about what to do about a war crime. There are four treaties that make this an international violation. So if you go abroad, and try to travel, most people abroad are going to view you not as "former President George Bush" -- they're going to view you as a current war criminal.

Rachel Maddow: And they're going to view us as an outlaw regime for not arresting him on our own soil. 

Jonathan Turley: I think so, unfortunately. A lot is at stake.  

Let's just repeat two sentences. Turley: "President Obama is going to find it very hard to go around the world and say: 'we're now again a nation of laws,' if the first act he commits as President is to walk away from a confirmed war crime." Maddow: "And [people around the world] are going to view us as an outlaw regime for not arresting him on our own soil."
So, let’s get it on!

Especially, since no one picked up The Garlic's call for a Citizen's Arrest.

Slap on the cuffs, do the perp walk, and book'em with a one-way ticket to The Hague!

Our Garlic Poll voters concur ...

The Results

For the 5th Anniversary of the Bush Grindhouse invasion and occupation of Iraq, we should give the gift of ...

1. Charges of War Crimes in the World Court    Tally 53% 

2. Reactivate his military service and ship him to Iraq    Tally 26% 

3. Impeachment    Tally 16% 
4. Since Wood is the tradition, a good paddling    Tally 5% 

This Weeks' Poll: For his "Presidential panel on the auto industry", Obama should include ...

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