Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IDOTW Update ... New Michelle Bachmann Meltdown!

In case you didn't notice, the Idiots are clamoring - big time - over the Stimulus Package.

Last week, it was IDOTW Brad Blakeman, complaining that Obama wasn't speaking "Presidential", that rather then telling us how fucked we are, he should have sugar-coated it, been more optimistic.

And this week, our seminal Ignorant Dolt of the Week, Michelle Bachmann is at it - again, with yet another, Chernobylesque meltdown;

Michele Bachmann: We're Running Out of Rich People"

Steven D, over on Booman Tribune has more;

Ahhh. I guess she had all her investments with Allen Stanford and/or Bernie Madoff. Still, this was a tough choice to make. However, her only competition was -- herself. Take a sample of some of her other comments:

* ACORN is "under federal indictment for voter fraud," but the stimulus bill nevertheless gives ACORN "$5 billion." [Not true, by the way -- ACORN isn't under any federal indictment and doesn't get a dime under the Stimulus bill.]

[M]any members of Congress have "a real aversion to capitalism." [Because the Communist Party controls Congress, naturally.]

It is continually breathtaking, watching the Republican Party become unhinged.

Bonus Bachmann Batshit Riffs

Avidor - Michele Bachmann: "They've Put Duct Tape Over the Mouths of the Republicans"

Steve Benen: IDIOCY WATCH....

Ken: Confidential to Michele B: Maybe we aren't actually "literally losing our country." Maybe it's just literally falling through the hole in your head?

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