Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Garlic Poll Is Back! ... And, Putting You In The Driver's Seat

Well, in case you skipped over the previous post this evening, you can see we have revived The Garlic Weekly Poll.

And, why not come in, with our sleeves rolled up, at the ready to pitch in and do our part.

It hasn't been especially easy for President Obama to fill his cabinet.

Additionally, there were the grand plans to have a "Car Czar", which, to the ear, sounds more like some late night infomercial, perhaps a rival to the blaring heir to "Head On", the "ShamWow".

So, he scrapped the plans this week and will run with a "Run by Committee" thing, or, as they put it, a "Presidential panel on the auto industry", otherwise to be known as "President's Task Force on Autos".

Considering the bleak news today of the Auto Industry, their going to need every Czar, committee, panel, task force and, perhaps, shammies, to pull this one off.

So, we thought we'd help them, let our readers have a voice in the process, and select who else should be joining this team.

In our Poll this week, we ask;

For his "Presidential panel on the auto industry", Obama should include;

Click and Clack

Danica Patrick

Speed Racer

Like Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, keep it Super Secret

Go over to the leftside column and throw in your vote!

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