Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard During Last Nights SOTU

10. "We should pass a bill that mandates the SOTU be like Twitter - 140 characters, or less ..."

9. "I see that Kucinich brought his own sandwich tonight ..."

8. "Being the Bears fan that he is, I heard he might give Jay Cutler a medal, or something ..."

7. "What's going to happen first, Joe Biden falling asleep, or John Boehner crying?"

6. Someone claims Rep. Joe Wilson shouted out "Only thing missing is the Mighty Mouse theme music ..."

5. "Hey, get this, John Thune is going around telling people no way is he going to invest in Sputnik ...

4. "Well, at least Rep. Paul Ryan doesn't look like that 30 Rock Page guy"

3. "Did you see Palin called Reagan "America's Lifeguard" the other day? ... Is she trying to say Obama belongs at that Pennsylvania swimming club? ..."

2. "What's the difference between Obama, and Taco Bell's meat? - Nothing, neither Taco Bell, or his speech, has much beef ..."

1. "Instead of letting the Tea Party have her, maybe we should have Bachmann give our official response - what's the worst that could happen? ..."