Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper Had Duende

I suppose, it was expected, the MSM obits would highlight the thing of "rebel" and, of course 'Easy Rider'.

That would be for actor Dennis Hopper, who passed away from his battle with cancer.

Why couldn't they just highlight, and dwell on, he was one fine, motherf'ing actor, and a whole bevy of turns.

Dennis Hopper had duende.

Here's the NYT Obit;

Dennis Hopper, 74, Hollywood Rebel, Dies

And, one from Yahoo and the AP;

Dennis Hopper, creator of hit 'Easy Rider,' dies (AP)

If you want the best read, check out Edward Copeland's "Dennis Hopper (1936-2010)";

How many odd turns can one man's life and career take? There's probably no limit, but Dennis Hopper, who died at 74 after a long battle with cancer, took a lot of them: From young actor of film and TV in the 1950s to counterculture icon of the 1960s and '70s (while adding director to his resume and still working with the likes of John Wayne); from nearly unemployable because of drugs to a career comeback in the mid-1980s before frequent returns to TV. On the side, he managed to find time to be a prolific photographer, painter and sculptor. His later years also brought the strangest twist for the hippie hero: he became a Republican. Still, it's his film and TV work that will be his legacy.

And, though he only had a small role, and not a great deal of screen time, his turn in 'True Romance' was perfect, a role only he could have played, it fit the film exquisitely.

True Romance - Sicilians

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All The Things You Are

Sorry, once again, Garlic Fans, for our absence the past few days.

Despite some great PT sessions, the Rotator Cuff issue we are enduring has been kicking our ass, and knocking out our teeth for mumbling about it.

Additionally, the past two days, we've had mid-summer-dog-days heat and humidity, which has made sitting at the computer about as torturous as an infomercial full of insurance salesman.

So, another night off, and, hopefully (with another PT session under our belts), we'll be in the mood (and shape) to write again (notes and half-written posts are building up).

In the meantime, let Paquito D'Rivera (and the great trumpet man, Diego Urcola) give you a wonderful treat.


Paquito D'Rivera Quintet - All The Things You Are

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Only Trust Your Heart

Sorry, Garlic Fans, for the lack-of-posting, yesterday.

We were jammed up on the homefront (as we will be, again, today), and, as a bonus, it as a spectacularly beautiful day ... An Ernie-Banks-Let's Play-Two-Today kind of day ...

There's a good a good Frank Rick column today, on our Ran Kan Kan man, the implications of the his, and the Teabaggers, warped views.

So, until later (either tonight, or tomorrow), here's a tune that will go with your morning coffee, and have you humming its' melody the rest of the day.


Only Trust Your Heart - Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz

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