Thursday, November 03, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Possible New Fees Banks Will Start Charging

News Item:  Banks likely to try range of new fees

10.  The Kardashian Charge - Get divorced after 72-days, fees, fees, fees ...

  9.  Don't have your own Deposit or Withdrawal Slips? ... Just rent one of the banks, for a fee

  8.  ATM's will have "Coin Slots" (like old public pay phones) if you want to use them

  7.  HuffPo Model:  You can work at the bank, not get paid salary - and get charged with a fee

  6.  Need to speak to the Bank Manager? ... You can book time with him, for a fee ...

  5.  Fee for just walking into the bank

  4.  Don't have a pen to write out deposit/withdrawal slip? ... Bank has one, for a fee ...

  3.  The Jeopardy Fee; You didn't phrase your transaction request in the form of a question

  2. Car loans, instead of based on amount/time/years/, will be based on cars' weight

  1.  Groucho Marx Fee - Don't know the Secret Word, it will cost you a $100 fee


(Image courtesy of Tom Priest at "In a Nutshell")

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