Friday, December 31, 2010

Bon Annee! ...Happy New Year

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans, we hope you are having a most enjoyable Holiday season.

It's been some time since our last posting , and, unfortunately, we are still in the (L4 for any ambitious med students reading this), and it comes with the added sidebar of Numb Feet, which is stumping the Docs attending to me.

We did the three-injection program this past summer, and, after Shot #2, my symptoms escalated.

Physical Therapy offered some mitigation for a short period, and the various meds given haven't been much use (one of them, Vicodin, actually landed me in the hospital for two-days, with some unusual chest-tightening).

Currently, I am on Gabepentin, which is actually an anti-seizure med that they have had success with, off-label, for neurological issues.

An EMG test is next in order, a testing of the nerves by jolting me with electricity, to see that they are all firing properly, and, based on those results, the next course of action will be determined.

Our goal in the soon-to-arrive 2011, is to get back to writing daily, so, keep you eyes peeled, and bookmarks marked.

The Party-of-Noicans taking majority in the House is going to rival an unending Marx Brothers Film Festival ...

And Mommy Moose is still front-and-center, having feed an Alaskan-sized avalanche of quarters into that "15-Minutes-of-Fame" machine.

Yes, 2011 is going to be fun.

Happy New Year, once again!

With all the BS, and calamities we've had to endure, we'll let Joe Cocker, and The Crusaders, take us out with our nomination that this tune be the official New Years theme.