Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump Harvesting The Fascist Crops

Well, considering there was no Primary Voting yesterday, no terror attack, no Missing White Woman, Cable News, and their cavalcade of Talking Heads got a bonanza of a bonus last night, via the chaotic Trump Rally in Chicago.

This will allow them to go wall-to-wall with it over the weekend.

Okay, a little audience participation here ...

Everybody raise their hands as to who didn't see this coming?

Since he entered the Presidential Campaign, Trump has promulgated fascist, racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic principles, and, at his rallies, as uttered rhetoric of the same, including violence, at protesters, and, the media.

Numerous people, on Cable last night (Rachel Maddow, for one), as well as blogs (Here)  have presented a timeline of Trumps hostile speeches.

"How could you be shocked?" the President exclaimed during a fundraiser in Austin. "This was the guy who was sure I was born in Kenya."
"As long as it was being directed at me they were fine with it. It was a hoot," Obama continued. "And suddenly they're shocked."
Granted, a good portion of the protesting last night was organized, which gets us into the whole 1st Amendent thing, and, unfortunately, it allowed Trump to play the victim.

He was interviewed, via telephone and was in complete denial that he had anything to do with it, that he wasn't/isn't inciting violence, falling back on his stump speeches of the country's divided, people are angry, he'll make a better deal for everybody.

Yet, just hours before the Chicago Rally, in St. Louis, there was protesting, and violence.

Trump said that there used to be "consequences" for protesting, and told his supporters that the protestors are bad for "our country," according to Politico.
“There used to be consequences. There are none anymore,” Trump said. “These people are so bad for our country. You have no idea folks, you have no idea.”
So, it's out there.

If you disagree with Donald Trump, you're bad for our country, so bad for our country.

I'll take the first place in line that I'm bad for our country.

Futher, I'l speculate that the Chicago Rally, and the chaos that ensued was planned by Trump and his staff.

"These are not good people folks, just so you understand," he said, according to video of the rally. "These are not good people. And I heard this was going to happen, and they said, ‘Mr. Trump, would you like to cancel?’ I said, ‘absolutely not.’"
So, let's go up river to Chicago.

Trump, and his staff chose the University of Illinois at Chicago, which is in downtown Chicago.

As one may except, a university is going to be, overwhelmingly young people, under the age of 25-year-old, reasonably educated (heck, their in college), and ethnically, and racially, diverse.

Trumps average supporter is considerably older, 45-years old, or older, less educated, and, white - and with this frightening personality trait.

So, why on earth, did Trump and his people pick this location?

From interviews conducted last night, the protesters didn't just show up last night.

On campus, when word went out about the rally, protesters began organizing earlier in the week, which, one can speculate, was known by University officials, Chicago officials and, of course, the Trump campaign.

If Trump, and his people, didn't, outright, know of the organized protest, they, by chosing this location for a rally, hedged their bets that it would happen.

And, by having it happen, Trump dominates the news cycle, and gets to play the victim, gets to cite all these "bad people" who prevented him from speaking, casting himself as a "huge advocate of free speech."

James Fallows has a good-read piece up, After the ‘Nice’ Debate: Trump's Shape-Shifting Power, in which he posits that "Trump has a dramatic range no other candidate can begin to match" (making Ronald Reagan look like a cable-access piker) and "He may be the most ignorant person, about public policy, who has ever gotten this far in a presidential race."

He's not so ignorant about manipulating the conversation, and the media.

In short, we speculate Trump and his staff orchestrated this Chicago chaos, planting the seeds for it along the campaign trail, and now, are beginning to harvest their fascist crops.

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