Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Places Muammar Gaddafi Is Hiding

New Item: Qaddafi’s Complex Falls to Revolutionaries

10.  Near the epicenter of the big East Coast Earthquake

  9.  Detroit - Grab one of those $1000 houses, and toss an idea, or two, to Mayor Dave Bing

  8.  At Hewlett Packard (he forced them to spin off PC Unit)

  7.  Sneakily, behind Hurricane Irene

  6.  As Rick Perry's Campaign Manager

  5.  The Kardashian Wedding

  4.  Some place the Navy Seals can't find him

  3.  The London Riots (he may have thrown a rock, or two)

  2.  As an anonymous,  wage-less writer for Huffington Post

  1.  With LeGone James - One non-finisher, with another