Sunday, September 06, 2015

Wrong Battle, Nitwits!

This is been said by many over the past few days, and, I'm confident there are thousand-and-thousand of scores of people out there that understand it as well.

Gods' Rebel Kim Davis is not in jail over her "Religious Freedom".

Religous Freedom is not under attack here.

No one is telling her she can't believe in what she believes ... No one is telling her what to believe in ... No one is forcing their "Religious Beliefs" on her.

If any of us, in whatever jobs we held, whatever beliefs we had, took the similar action (being, refusing to do our job, the job we accepted) we would surely be reprimanded, or disciplined, perhaps suspended or, even terminated.

She has a particular job that carrys with it certain tasks, duties and policies.

She chose - refused - to perform those tasks and duties, and the consequences she faces now are of her own doing, no one else.

What happened to the monolithic Conservative principle of "Personal Responsiblity"?

The Rowan County Board, or Supervisors, whoever oversees the employees of Rown County have some explaining to do ...

What happens if others in civic and/or government jobs took the same action as God's Rebel?
Does a fireman's "Religious Beliefs" allow him/her to stand there and watch a gay couple's (or pick the target of your "Religious Beliefs") house to burn down?
Does a policeman's "Religious Beliefs" allow him to stand by and watch a group of thugs beat up a gay couple?

The more rational out there need to prevent the Religious Conservatives, the Jesus Freaks, and the PartyofNoicans from hijacking this incident into making it a Cause it is not.

God's Rebel Kim Davis is in jail because she chose to defy a Court Order pertaining to her performing her tasks and duties.

That's what this is about.

No one is telling God's Rebel she can't believe in what she believes ... No one is telling her what to believe in ... No one is forcing God's Rebel their "Religious Beliefs" on her.

She chose not to perform her job, as she accepted when she was elected, and, following a court order to do so.

Let's turn the page on this quickly, before it gets to the point we have to call out:

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