Saturday, November 14, 2015

Je Suis Paris



Residents near Paris attack locations are offering shelter using the hashtag #PorteOuverte

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Lies That Made Milwaukee Famous

Well, this certainly, wasn't your father's CNBC Debate.

There should be milk cartons out there today, with a picture of the debate on a side, blaring out the headline "Missing: Facts"

The moderators of the PartyofNoicans Clown Car Crash in Milwaukee last night, all but took a flight down to Chicago whenever one of the clowns misspoke, and/or blatantly lied, about the facts of whatever softball question was thrown their way.

Pyramid Mogul Ben Carson managed to squeeze in Benghazi while defending the fabrications of his back story.

Ted Cruz forgot to show his Contractor's Union Card, as his big pitch was for tearing down almost the entire government, as a means to balance the budget.

Golden Boy Marco Rubio lumped his broken-record family history into virtually every question he was asked, and in one, put out a clarion call "for more welders" erroneously citing welders make more money then philosophers.

But Rubio's family picnic had a hornet's nest hanging over it, in Rand Paul (someone in his campaign should do the favor and tell him it's over), as Paul attacked Rubio's "Conservative Credentials" (not screwing poor people enough) over his tax plan, offering tax cuts for families, while increasing military spending.

More than one clown candidate belched out that too many regulations were the cause of the financial mess, when, in fact, it was "Foreclosure Phil", Republican Phil Gramm that led the charge on repealing the Glass-Steagall Act, which nearly bankrupted the entire world.

Fiorina parroted "We have to take back our country" so many times, I thought the old "HeadOn ... Apply directly to the forehead ... HeadOn ... Apply directly to the forehead ... HeadOn ... Apply directly to the forehead", had  bled into the audio of the broadcast.

If Industry Titan Fiorina happens to secure the nomination, she wants to put the military on steroids and go around the world kicking ass, and taking names.

And, Poor Jeb! ...

Team Exclamation Point! just watches him flop and flail at these debates, the brother-president-in-absentia, reduced last night to getting interrupted on a question asked to him, whining about having time to talk, having to fight off the interruption, and later, thanking The Donald for letting him speak - only forgetting to coat it with any sarcasim, and coming off more like offering Don Corleone a tribute.

The chef, there, Jeb!, is calling out "Stick a fork in him, he's done!" ...I'm sure some of your big-ass donors can help you bang out your withdrawal speech ...

Interrupting Jeb! was Man-on-Fire John Kasich, who was attempting to filibuster the debate, proudly boasting he was the man, that he balanced two budgets!

Remarkably, none of his fellow clowns challenged Budget Man, that the first time he did it, he was working for a Democratic President, and husband of all the clowns' arch-villain, Hillary.

Budget Man also attacked The Donald, scoffing at his plans to deport 11-million Illegal Immigrants - Jeb! also jumped on that - but neither clown offering an alternative, or, comprehensive Immigration plan.

But The Donald was, relatively, reserved, only getting worked up over the latest trade agreement, and citing it to use China (likely his Straw Man for the foreseeable future) as a punching bag ...

This debate was a Double-Ruppert Murdoch event, hosted by Fox Business Network and the 'Wall Street Journal', so no big surprise it was a fact-free affair.

So as not to have to sit in the corner wearing dunce caps, like CNBC, the trio of Maria Bartiromo, and Neil Cavuto, from the Fox Business Network, and Gerard Baker,  Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief, sat smiling, like lobotomized idiots as clown candidate after clown candidate played fast and loose with facts, with fear of a  follow-up question to challenge such statements might give them the Ebola virus.

Primary season will soon be upon us, winnowing out the field of these Clown Car Debates, but don't think this will make them more honest.

The untrue non-facts, and lies, will only get bigger, and more bold.