Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#GOPDebate ...Now We Know Who Keyser Söze Is

Another Clown Car gathering last night, in Las Vegas, and it was almost Life Imitating Art

Ozzie and Harriet would be blushing today, with all the virulent insults uttered by the PartyofNican Clown Car drivers.

JEB! borrowed a spine from somewhere, and a rubber mallet from the circus, that he kept clubbing (and, at times, looking like he was going to break out in tears), The Donald, who kept dismissing him in Dorthoy Parker fashion (The "I'm 42 and you're 3" retort hurts a bit, doesn't it JEB!)

Only thing missing between Life Story Boy Mario Rubio and the McCarthyesque Ted Cruz was a WWF Banner and Cage Match announcement prior to the debate.

Cruz, in responding to Life Story Boy had to resort to, potentially, classified informantion to keep from getting smashed with a folding chair and thrown out of the ring.

Carli Fiorini looked like she had been stung by 1000 hornets, snarling at the moderators more than any of the other clowns.

Traffic Jam Starter Christie played the High School Prinicple in this production, pointing out the Hobbesian Trap rancor of the other candidates, but injecting his own "my dick is bigger", which was the overarching theme of the entire night, of all the candidates (yes, I know, but it still applies). 

Rand Paul, once again, the exasperated teacher, writing on the proverbial blackkboard, the correct CONSERVATIVE answer  (labeled a "Loser" by CNN) for his inattentive class, but he's looking more and more, like a steward on the Titanic, looking for space for himself on one of those lifeboats.

I think Carson and Kaisch were there, just so two podiums wouldn't be empty, though, our Pryamid Expert did declare he could handle the Commander in Chief thing, having to do what has to be done, because of his neurosurgery experience.

Let us hope, if Dr, Ben happens to get elected, all the terrorists, suddenly, come down with brain tumors.

But the biggest news, and I mean, this is a blockbuster, 10-pt, bold headline stuff;

We found out who really is Keyser Söze!

“We’re fighting a very politically correct war,” he said in response to a question about avoiding civilian causalities. “And the other thing is with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. They, they care about their lives. Don’t kid yourself. But they say they don’t care about their lives. You have to take out their families.”
The Donald reiterated it again, at the debate last night,  stopping short of saying he would go after their friends, and even people who owe them money.

In a previous post, we asked, rhetorically, how more debased things would get.

Last night, came the first answer, we we have every expectation that it will be topped in the very-soon-future.

First, this was a bad night for Trump. Even by Trump’s standards, which are cartoonishly low, he embarrassed himself. He has no answers, no ideas, and no discernible reason to run for president. He doubled down on his plan to kill the family members of suspected terrorists, ignoring the Geneva Convention in the name of “toughness.” His strategy to defeat ISIS amounts to “hiring good people” and building a “great wall.” For most of the night, he flailed like the petulant clown that he is, and gave no indication that he’s taking any of this seriously.
Trump is a national mistake, and every time he opens his mouth in public, he reminds the world how unserious he is and how foolish we are for allowing him to hijack our nomination process.
Is Trump Keyser Söze?

When it's all said-and-done, the greatest trick The Donald pulled was convincing the world he does have intelligence

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