Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quote of the Week!

Well, as discussed here the past few days, it's, pretty much, been a Stimuluspalooza out there in the media

In last night's post, we presented on the depths of just how much the Congressional Republicans are moronic losers, incapable of seeing reality, and marching like lemmings to the tune of the Bush Grindhouse (and the drooling communicator, Reagan) economic policies.

We offered an array of commentary out there on the World Wide Web, hammering away ...

But we missed one.

And what a one it was, articulating, almost beyond perfection, the plight that is holding this country hostage.

It comes from John Cole, over on his Balloon Juice.

Speaking about the Stimulus Package, as well as noting how Joe The Plumber is "consulting" the Republicans on Economics (see "moronic losers" above), Cole penned this gem;

I really don’t understand how bipartisanship is ever going to work when one of the parties is insane. Imagine trying to negotiate an agreement on dinner plans with your date, and you suggest Italian and she states her preference would be a meal of tire rims and anthrax. If you can figure out a way to split the difference there and find a meal you will both enjoy, you can probably figure out how bipartisanship is going to work the next few years.

Along with all the openness, and transparency, that Obama is advocating, and setting in motion, he can, perhaps add in something else.

One of those giant, Looney Tunes levers, so when the Republicans keep squawking like parrots on speed, about tax cuts and spending, Obama can pull the lever, the floor opens up, and said Republicans drop into a deep, dark abyss.

Pretty much as deep and dark a place they're trying to drag us all into.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Rios Negroes

Still limping (literally, though, in what is hopefully a sign of progress, a lessening of pain).

It seems by the backlash out on the World Wide Web, our "Howdy Doody Time" reference last evening wasn't entirely off the mark, concerning the dead-and-dying Republican Party's attempts to snuff out the Stimulus Package.

Take Jill, over at Brilliant at Breakfast, for instance;

Of course Republicans don't WANT a stimulus plan that works, because they are already looking ahead to the midterns in 2012 and beyond. Country first? This party is all about Party First, Country Last. And if tens of millions have to be plunged into poverty in the next four years so that they can have their restoration of a Bush dynasty to complete the job of drowning government in a bathtub and assuring a plutocracy for generations to come, or their patriarchal theocratic dream nation, led by their favorite dominatrix-in-chief clad in $180,000 of designer clothing paid for by their campaign contributors, well so be it. They already have the media on board; we'll see if Americans are dumb enough to go along with it yet again.
Or, The Heretik;
A few essential truths? Obama is the only bipartisan being in DC. Dems like being in charge. And Republicans who took no notice of the Dems in minority? “Republicans want bipartisanship now only because they are in the minority.“ Republicans now are willing to negotiate, just so long as they get everything they want. If the donkeys don’t give the elephants all they want, then the Democrats are the problem. A good question: “How [is] bipartisanship [] ever going to work when one of the parties is insane“?

The capper came early this morning, from Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, who minced no sentiment on what was going down;
A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to economic recovery. Over the last two weeks, what should have been a deadly serious debate about how to save an economy in desperate straits turned, instead, into hackneyed political theater, with Republicans spouting all the old clichés about wasteful government spending and the wonders of tax cuts.


So what should Mr. Obama do? Count me among those who think that the president made a big mistake in his initial approach, that his attempts to transcend partisanship ended up empowering politicians who take their marching orders from Rush Limbaugh. What matters now, however, is what he does next.

It’s time for Mr. Obama to go on the offensive. Above all, he must not shy away from pointing out that those who stand in the way of his plan, in the name of a discredited economic philosophy, are putting the nation’s future at risk. The American economy is on the edge of catastrophe, and much of the Republican Party is trying to push it over that edge.

But wait! (Cue the heavenly, string-laden, music here)

A deal has been struck!

Well, sort of ...

And not the kind of deal that is going to have you humming to that heavenly music.

From Greg Sargent;
I’ve just obtained an internal Senate committee memo detailing the latest cuts being eyed by the gang of Senators being led by Dem Ben Nelson and GOPer Susan Collins. Here is what’s being eyed in the bill right now:


Total Reductions: $80 billion


Head Start, Education for the Disadvantaged, School improvement, Child Nutrition, Firefighters, Transportation Security Administration, Coast Guard, Prisons, COPS Hiring, Violence Against Women, NASA, NSF, Western Area Power Administration, CDC, Food Stamps



Public Transit $3.4 billion, School Construction $60 billion



Defense operations and procurement, STAG Grants, Brownfields, Additional transportation funding


Hmmm ... And how's that flying?

Brad Johnson, in The Wonk Room;
Because of Republican threats to filibuster the bill, votes of senators like them are key to passage. But the Nelson-Collins gang’s proposed cuts disproportionately harm women, children, and their future. The Wonk Room has already detailed their plan to cut support for education and health care. Nelson and Collins also looking to eliminate tens of billions of dollars in programs that would invest in a green economy ,,,

Eli, on Firedoglake
, cuts to bone;

These cuts to the stimulus aren't economics, they're conservative politics: "You don't want the government taking your hard-earned money and giving it to Those People, do you? It should be given to the corporations so they can create more jobs!" These wankers would rather let us spiral into another Depression than give kids and poor people even a fraction of the compassion they gave the pirates and clowns who got us into this mess.

Paul the Spud

Because the last thing people need when they're out of work is education, nutrition for their children, transportation assistance, and fucking food stamps.

Republicans would rather let people starve than give up their tax cuts.

The next time someone complains about the cost of this package, tell them that. Republicans would rather let people starve than give up their tax cuts.

As does Larisa Alexandrovna;

I have said this before and I will say it again. The Wall Street bailout was a corporate coup brought to us by the corporate owned politicians in Congress and their lobbyists. These cuts to "stimulate" the economy are continued to proof of that. Why does Defense need a budget increase after the no-bid contracts of the last 8 years? What the hell does "additional transportation" funding mean if they are reducing funds for public transit? Oh wait, lobbyist are behind this "stimulation" in which the poor are made more poor and the rich more rich. See, public transit - for example - is not something that the gas companies are going to like.

If these people were remotely serious about stimulating the economy, they might start with giving us the banks we purchased, arrested those executives who got bonuses and won't return them (that is called stealing if I recall), but most importantly, confiscating the assets of anyone who was involved in starting the Iraq war and has financially benefited from it (Shooter, you there?). Then sell those assets off and invest the money in the US economy (translated: not Wall Street).

Steve Benen gives us a refresher;
Just to step back for a moment, Obama won an impressive national victory in November, Democrats increased their Senate majority to 58 (59, with Minnesota), and Democrats now enjoy a 77-seat majority in the House. Despite all of this, the strength of the U.S. economy is largely dependent right now on the arbitrary whims of these three center-right Republicans.

And, Tyler Cowen provides a grim reminder;
Yes a slightly cheaper version of the stimulus is about to pass. Here is some detail on the composition of the Senate bill. The final combined bill,as it will come out of conference, might be worse yet.

If my house is ever on fire, I pray that it is a fire truck full of Democrats that shows up.

So, with much more writhing, agonizing drama to play out on this, we turn (again) to Lester Bowie, to provide us a killer tune, with, as I believe you will find, a somewhat pensiveness to it.

Lester Bowie - Rios Negroes

Rios Negroes - Lester Bowie [Artist]

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is There Some Kind of Stimulus Package Going Around Out There?

Still on the mend, and in recovery mode today.

It was made all the more wonderful by bitter, bitter cold weather (low teens, with zero-degree wind chill; to quote an equally-ailing friend, "It's colder than Dick Cheney's heart out there"), and anchoring the sofa left us with nothing on the television but STIMULUS, STIMULUS, STIMULUS ...

Obama, finally, ate his can of spinach, penning a forceful Op-Ed in the WaPo today.

But that didn't stop the dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds

The crew at Morning Joke, particularly female co-anchor, continued with their Right Wing Freak Show mantra of disinformation.

Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain still doesn't know whether to piss, or wind his watch, when it comes to the economy

And McCain's Other Mini-Me, Lindsey Graham got all red-faced and his panties in a bunch.

But the killer, the fall-on-the-floor, gigantic head-slap-heard-round-the-world comes from Texas Congressman Pete Sessions, who wants to place the Republican Party (well, officially), on the Axis of Evil list, calling for them to become "insurgents", and model themselves after the Taliban.

Yeah, you read that right.

From Think Progress;

“Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban,” Sessions said during a meeting yesterday with Hotline editors. “And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes. And these Taliban — I’m not trying to say the Republican Party is the Taliban. No, that’s not what we’re saying. I’m saying an example of how you go about [sic] is to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with.” […]

When pressed to clarify, Sessions said he was not comparing the House Republican caucus to the Taliban, the Muslim fundamentalist group. “I simply said one can see that there’s a model out there for insurgency,” Sessions said before being interrupted by an aide.
I suspect, we'll soon see some pork bill from Sessions, to dole out millions in STIMULUS money to some Hijab maker in his district, and, perhaps broader laws to ban girls from going to school, and making splashing them, if they do, with acid a misdemeanor

We might just have to come up with something much bigger, and stronger, then the IDOTW to cover the breathtaking intellect of Congressman Sessions.

In the meantime ...

Puppet Playtime-Howdy Doody intro

(Go HERE for a kick-ass version of it by Lester Bowie)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Que Sera Sera

Back on the DL today, folks ... Dealing with the latest snowfall has, yet again, issued a setback to the hip injury, sustained about four snowfalls ago ... So, along with enduring pain, the energy level is zapped as well ...

Then again, not sure what we could have come up with today ...

Let's see ...

The Republicans aren't being obstructionists, they're just looking out for the country ...

And where o' where is our President Obama, of where o' where can he be?

Keyser Soze (aka, former VP Cheney) is baiting and goading the terrorists of the world, all but asking them to come and attack us again, so we will all say he was right to shit on the Constitution, illegal spy on us, and torture anyone who doesn't look like "us".

David Noon, over on Lawyers, Guns and Money, is on-the-money, with his "Dick Cheney is Insane";

In a truly just world, Dick Cheney would be stuffing envelopes at home for a living, or perhaps sorting plastic at a recycling center somewhere. And yet here he is, "in a non-descript suburban office building in McLean, Va., in a suite that could just as easily house a dental clinic," making his O Face for Politico. It nearly goes without saying that Dick Cheney proved to be one of the nation's greatest natural catastrophes -- a Dust Bowl in human form, the Spanish Flu incarnate -- and as such, he merits our enduring scrutiny. Still, it bears remembering that much of what he has to say from now on will be completely insane ..."

We also saw another example of why it is urgent, desperately urgent, that someone give Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a couple-of-bucks, so he can go out and buy a personality ...

CNBC's Mark Haines, the jolly large guy that Morning Joke throws it over to for some pithy comments about how funny the Wall Street Meltdown is, went all Dick Armey on Arianna Huffington.

How appropriate his show is "Squawk Box" for, whenever I see Haines on the tube, I can't help but think of him as the obnoxious fat guy that anchors the end of the neighborhood bar, beer-and-bowl-of-peanuts perpetually in front of him, pontificating and lecturing everyone in the room, on any subject, and always, always being abjectly wrong.

And speaking of insanity, and obnoxiousness, there was "Fredo", peering into the looking glass, saying everything was hunky-dory at his Department of Injustice.

As we have done so often, we sigh, throw up our hands and say ...

Que Sera Sera - Sly & The Family Stone

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We Defer Today ... To Buddy Holly!

Man, it's been such a tough slog, this past month (and more snow today to move!), that it wasn't until earlier today that I realized it's our anniversary, four-years of writing The Garlic.

I can't say I thought I would still be plugging away at it, as at various times, the homefront has presented cumbersome hurdles to overcome.

Yet, at the same time, it's the first thing I look to upon waking - what's in the news, and what can I riff on.

Many, many thanks to you, the readers - the subscribers, the Feeders, and those that just happen to fall on The Garlic ... I sincerely appreciate your visiting and reading the humble efforts we strive to produce.

But I don't feel like prattling on about myself, extolling on this, or that.

I also came to the awareness today, that February 3rd is also the anniversary of "The day the music died"

We speak of Buddy Holly, and his tragic death (along with Richie Valens, J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, and the pilot of the plane, Roger Peterson).

Today, dwarfing The Garlic's blip-of-a-benchmark, is the 50th Anniversary of Holly's death.

Being that he was only 22, and already had tremendous success, with some killer songs penned, who knows what would have happened.

Perhaps right up there, or, likely, bigger, than Elvis?

So, we defer ...

That'll Be the Day - Buddy Holly & The Crickets

The Plane Crash of 1959 the day music died

Buddy Holly and The Crickets

History of Rock - Buddy Holly and The Crickets


Today is also B.A.D - Blogroll Amnesty Day!

As regular readers know, we link, liberally, all-year-round, so click those links, and take a scroll down the left column, to The Garlic's Link Lists, and check out some of the other great blogs out there

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18 - 1

Say "Happy Anniversary" To The Garlic, and, also, Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Breaking News! Groundhog Sees Obama's Shadow

Chaos erupted at Gobbler's Knob this morning, as the prognosticating groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his den, only to see the shadow of newly-elected President Barack Obama.

Handlers of Punxsutawney Phil were at a loss to explain the phenomenon.

With television cameras whirring, nervous officials declared they were uncertain, if this meant six-more-weeks of winter, or, that this uncharted vision signaled it would be six-more-weeks of Obamamania, or, worse, more economic downturn.

Additionally, with the annual gathering already at tens-of-thousands of spectators, once word circulated of the groundhog's sighting of Obama's shadow, hundreds-of-thousands more began flocking to the tiny berg, clogging Pennsylvania highways, and creating unprecidented gridlock.

Telephone and cellphone service was knocked out in Pennsylvania, and, for most of the Eastern Seaboard, while, the rest of the country has been experiencing busy signals and, erratically, dead lines.

Punxsutawney Phil's website, as well as a bevy of additional websites on groundhogs crashed, as millions attempted to log in to see the incredible event.

"It was clear-as-day," one Gobbler's Knob attendee gushed.

"You could see the groundhog, kind of, recoil, and the shadow, clearly with the large ears that Obama has, was briefly visible."

Some claimed it was a hoax, that the shadow of Obama's ears were painted on to the groundhogs' den, however, officials denied that was the case.

"We don't tell, or influence, Phil in any way, shape or form," said one of Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's Inner Circle members.

The White House issued a brief statement, indicating that they were pleased to hear that Punxsutawney Phil "was a President Obama supporter", and hoped that his sighting can "bring Republicans, Democrats, and groundhogs together, to help solve the nation's problems."

White House Press Spokesman Robert Gibbs refused to confirm, or deny, that the Obama White House made a special request to Punxsutawney Phil, asking for a prognostication on when they would receive a cabinet candidate without a tax problem.

In a related matter, Purple, Silver and Blue ticket holders to the Obama Inauguration that were denied entry, had been assured there would be room for them at Gobblers Knob, as a "make-up" for missing the historic swearing-in ceremony, were again, shut out, and left standing outside, and far away, from the Punxsutawney Phil festivities.

More as this story develops ...

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9. Geesh! ... We better pass the Stimulus Bill soon ... Maybe they can get some better snacks in here

8. See if you can get a peek at his Blackberry

7. I know Matt Lauer was here to interview him, but does if have to ask, after each play, is that what the President would do if he was coaching?

6. I heard that he was going to have al-Arabiya in here, but that meant, he would have to reciprocate, and go over there, for their big Camel Racing event

5. I'll bet Tom Daschle will be paying attention to the car commercials

4. Rush Limbaugh wanted to bet him ... He'd take the Cardinals, and if they win, Obama has to supply him with oxycodone and hydrocodone for his entire term

3. ... Did Samantha Powers put up her own website?

2. I heard they have a plan ... Whichever team loses, that's where the Gitmo prisoners are going

1. I know they're his daughters, but couldn't he say something - Do we have to switch over to Nickelodeon every commercial?

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our Ignorant Dolt of the Week ... Dick Armey!

Boy, this guy just climbed over everybody to grab the IDOTW title.

He had to bowl over one of the Grand Ayatollah of Ignorant Dolts, the Cheeseburger That Sweats (aka Rush Limbaugh), for his cheerleading for President Obama's failure, which generated a nervous Congressman, Phil Gingrey of Georgia, who at first criticized the radio drug addict, only to come running, waving his IDOTW marker, by begging Limbaugh to take him back into Dittohead Land.

We previously noted Mark Halperin, making a fairly regular stab at being an Ignorant Dolt, and, there was also Glenn Beck, putting his IDOTW credentials on display.

But one guy, just one, lonely, pathetic guy cleared the competitive field this week to say "I want to own, I want to have it coursing through my body, to be one gigantic Ignorant Dolt of the Week."

And, it was none other than the dirty bag former Congressman, Dick Armey.

Appearing on Tweety's 'Hardball' program, facing off against Salon's Joan Walsh, Armey showed, gloriously, how empty and inept the Republican party has become, when he responded back to Walsh's argument about Obama's Stimulus Package.

Transcript courtesy of Crooks and Liars;

Walsh: Who are the income redistributionists?

Armey: Who, what..

Walsh: Who are the income redistributionists?

Armey: Well the biggest income redistributions was a Republican congresswoman, urr. Senator, but Charlie Rangel cracked me up, Charlie said you guys are giving her things that I wouldn't even ask for.

Armey: I don't want to get into that because then the controversy is that Dick Armey is assaulting somebody. There are income redistribitionsts that think they are going to curry favor with a voting blocks in both parties and it's wrong policy whether it comes Republicans or Democrats, it makes no sense. Armey's axiom. Don't let politics define your economics. Don't let politics define anything. Politics is silly, it's inane. Take what amusements you can from them but don't take them seriously.

Walsh: But this is serious business. The economy is a wreck, (Armey laughs) it's been wrecked by the Bush White House and by Republicans in Congress with a lot of help Democratic help, with ( Armey makes more noises and sighs)

Armey: Oh, give it a rest.

Walsh: President Obama, please stop saying 'give it a rest.' Do you have any anything else to say? President Obama has a mandate for change. (Armey laughs again) Your people have stood in his way. They are standing in his way in Capitol hill right now and Rush Limbaugh is making ridiculous statements and Republicans are crawling to him and groveling. That's the state of our economy and our world right now Rep. Armey and it's sad.

Armey: I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day.

Walsh: Well, wow that makes two of us sir, that was really an outstanding comment...

Armey: Look ma'am, you're talking like a paid political hack making your political points.

Walsh: Am I sir?

Armey: Are we going to talk seriously...

Walsh" No, I actually care about social justice, I care about jobs, I care about the economy.
Take a look.

"I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day."

Was he drunk?

What the hell kind of counterpoint is that?

Now, we have long known the kind of scumbag that Armey is.

He rode in on during the Gingrich Revolution, and was one of Newt's top boys, and Source Watch credits Armey "as the main author of the Contract with America"

In the past, he lobbed the gem of calling Congressman Barney Frank, "Barney Fag", and Armey further burnished his Flying Monkey, NeoNitWit stature;

"In September 2008, while commenting about Barack Obama's name, Armey stated that it could "give people concerns that he could be or have been too much influenced by Muslims, which is a great threat now."

Oh yeah, he also supported the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians.

"I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day."

Yeah, that really rings in as constructive discourse, one of those alternative ideas the Republicans claim to have, to get our economy back on track.

A barroom taunt.

Joan Walsh, on her own blog, recounted and responded to this ignorant outburst rather sympathetically.

Ironically, there's a quote attributed to Armey;
Politics will sooner or later make fools of everybody.
In Armey's case, he's had the handicap of, not sooner or later, but constantly, 24/7, all-the-time, being a incredible fool

Added to that, for this past week, Dick Armey can also boast of being The Garlic's "Ignorant Dolt of the Week".

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Smokin' Frank Rich Today!

"...the Republicans should either lead, follow or get out of the grown-ups’ way."

They gloat over their big "Goose Egg", much with the same elan as The Commander Guy dishing out birthday cake to Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain, as New Orleanians clung, precariously, to rooftops, their city filled like a fishbowl with flood waters.

Frank Rich's column today - "Herbert Hoover Lives" - lays it all out, that if they can be enough of obstructionists, if they can make it so President Obama fails, well, that is what will save their dying party, which Rich pegs as "At this rate the G.O.P. will be in Alf Landon territory by 2012."

More Rich;
The Republicans don’t acknowledge the need for this transformation, or debate it in good conscience, preferring instead to hyperventilate over the contraceptives in a small family-planning program since removed from the stimulus bill. All it takes is the specter of condoms for the party of Vitter, Foley and Craig to go gaga.

Obama no doubt finds Limbaugh’s grandiosity more amusing than frightening, but G.O.P. politicians are shaking like Jell-O. When asked by Andrea Mitchell of NBC News on Wednesday if he shared Limbaugh’s hope that Obama fails, Eric Cantor spun like a top before running off, as it happened, to appear on Limbaugh’s radio show. Mike Pence of Indiana, No. 3 in the Republican House leadership, similarly squirmed when asked if he agreed with Limbaugh. Though the Republicans’ official, poll-driven line is that they want Obama to succeed, they’d rather abandon that disingenuous nicety than cross Rush.

Most pathetic of all was Phil Gingrey, a right-wing Republican congressman from Georgia, who mildly criticized both Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to Politico because they “stand back and throw bricks” while lawmakers labor in the trenches. So many called Gingrey’s office to complain that the poor congressman begged Limbaugh to bring him on air to publicly recant on Wednesday. As Gingrey abjectly apologized to talk radio’s commandant for his “stupid comments” and “foot-in-mouth disease,” he sounded like the inmate in a B-prison-movie cowering before the warden after a failed jailbreak.

That they take their marching orders from a fat drug addict, I suppose, isn't so astounding, considering they selected The Wasilla Whiz Kid for their ticket in the last election.

A "Limbaugh with Lipstick", as it were.

The word "serious" doesn't seem to making its' way into their talking points.

As Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, said last week;
“It’s almost as if the election didn’t happen and that the message wasn’t received: that people in Washington need to cooperate a lot more than they have in the past.”
Maybe they need to tweak The Commander Guy's mantra, from "You're either with us, or against us", to "We're not with you, and we are against you"

They sure be playin' it that way

Bonus Gone-Out-To-Pasture Party Riffs

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1 February 2008... On The Garlic

Exclusive: Edwards Endorses!

1 February 2007... On The Garlic

Developing Story! Tancredo: Shut Down Super Bowl; Says Two Black Coaches "Amounts To Segregation"; Appeals To NFL Commissioner To Make Big Game "Color-Blind"; Biden Weighs In, Backs Coaches

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Boston Spent Nearly A Million Dollars Dealing With Cartoon Ad Hoax

1 February 2006... On The Garlic

Bush Administration To Tap Punxsutawney Phil To Bolster Foreign Policy

Saudi Arabia In Chaos Over Bush Remarks; Millions Pour Into Riyadh To Protest Loss of Kingdom

It's Sheehan; Anti-War Mom Makes Axis of Evil List