Monday, February 02, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard Watching The Super Bowl With President Barack Obama

News Item: Obama hosts bipartisan Super Bowl party

10. If Biden tells one more story, about taking the train to Pittsburgh ...

9. Geesh! ... We better pass the Stimulus Bill soon ... Maybe they can get some better snacks in here

8. See if you can get a peek at his Blackberry

7. I know Matt Lauer was here to interview him, but does if have to ask, after each play, is that what the President would do if he was coaching?

6. I heard that he was going to have al-Arabiya in here, but that meant, he would have to reciprocate, and go over there, for their big Camel Racing event

5. I'll bet Tom Daschle will be paying attention to the car commercials

4. Rush Limbaugh wanted to bet him ... He'd take the Cardinals, and if they win, Obama has to supply him with oxycodone and hydrocodone for his entire term

3. ... Did Samantha Powers put up her own website?

2. I heard they have a plan ... Whichever team loses, that's where the Gitmo prisoners are going

1. I know they're his daughters, but couldn't he say something - Do we have to switch over to Nickelodeon every commercial?

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