Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey, Madison Ave!, Get A Glove, Get In The Game!

With still being on the DL (see HERE and HERE), and in copious pain, we were on the outlook for some comic relief.

Herman Cain, seemingly, in the wrong race (He, apparently, wants in the "President of the United States of Love" contest), doesn't quite make it.

Nor, the foot-in-mouth of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, for Brownback's browbeating of a high school teenager (Gotta plug into that "Stick and Stones" thing, there, Sammy).

And, with the recently-completed Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, today seems to be the unannounced "Justify OccupyWallStreet Day", with the cascading news of;

Super Secret Bank Bailout awarding the crooks and cronies billions

A Federal Judge telling the SEC and Citicorp, of their wrist-slap-with-a-paper-ruler agreement that "Homey don't play that game"


And today, Heistin Hank Paulson playing Mr. Inside Tipster to his former Wall Street pals.

This all plays out as more ironic, than humor.

No, we have to turn to a segment we heard on radio this past weekend.

It was from PRI's 'The World', on the South African fast-food chicken outfit, Nando's.

Seems they have a history of putting out creative, and, at times controversial, advertisements, like the one from about 10-years ago, having a Seeing Eye Dog lead a blind woman into a pole, so the dog could wolf down the Nando's chicken.

From Wikepedia:

Nando's is known in South Africa for its humorous but often controversial adverts. One such television advert from 2000, involved a blind woman being led into a pole intentionally and knocked unconscious by her guide dog, which then proceeded to eat the chicken that the woman had just purchased. This caused an uproar from people who were concerned that the blind would be offended. The South African Advertising Standards Authority called for the withdrawal of the advert. Several blind people were quoted in the media as finding the advert amusing
You can view that ad HERE or HERE

Their latest ad, the one catching some flak (and buzz) is no disappointment;

Nando's: Last dictator standing

Here's a few more;

Nandos Chips

Nandos "Ramadan" advert

Nando's Viral - Did he just eat his dog?

After watching these Nando's ads, it's disappointing how Madison Avenue bombards us with juvenile cellphone, and moronic beer ads.

Wake up guys, get a glove, get in the game ...