Thursday, December 03, 2015

Early Xmas Gift For Cable News - A Mass Shooting

Another sad, tragic event, in our lawless gun control country.

Coming on the heels of the Paris Shootings, and its' terrorist roots, Cable News wasn't going to be left out on this side of the Atlantic.

At around 11PM last night, this is what I Tweeted;

‪#‎SanBernadino‬ ... w/still little info, media talking heads straining at bit/peeing pants, to label this terrorism
For the preceeding number of hours, on CNN and MSNBC, with their parade of ex-military, ex-Intelligence, ex-police on hand, citing what it took to plan this attack, the attire of the shooters, all were dancing on the head of the pin to outright claim this was a case of terrorism.

Even, with two press conferences, with the local police, and FBI, saying it was too early to say what it was, and while not ruling out Terrorism,  that they will follow where the evidence leads them, this didn't stop the Talking Heads from couching all their "analysis" wrapped in terrorism.

Bob Baer, the infamous "Terror Expert", on CNN, kept referring to his "bias" in wanting to push the Terrorism button.

The location of this shooting, a health center, a Christmas party, that was the only wrench thrown into Baer's bias, and barely slowed down the other Talking Heads

And, we had a new phrase introduced, the constant, apparently coming from victims, use of the phrase "long guns".

Anchors and their talking heads kept, ominiously, saying how the shooters had "long guns" as if the killing of 14, and wounding of 17 wasn't enough, teasing the veiled talk of this being "terrorism" with the constant repeating of "long guns".

The only think missing was spooky organ music.

Put "Long Guns" on the shelf, with "Lock Down", and "Shelter In Place" as part of the new vernacular of our Post 9-11, Patriot Act-blanketed, Drone-Filled-Skies world.

All the talking heads sounded, almost, disappointed, when, late in the night, the identity of the shooters was revealed, that it was an employee of the agency, and his wife, and this was starting to take shape of, perhaps, a mentally unbalanced employee committing workplace violence, over some still unknown reason.

Lacking in this jingoistic cacophany, for all the hours they were burning, was any discussion about better gun control.

Even after, late in the night, it was reported that, at least, one of the guns used in this horrible shooting was purchased legally, that didn't stop one of the Talking Heads to poo-paah better gun control, saying it wouldn't prevent an event like this.

And, hitting their marks, on cue, were the Presidential Candidates, the PartyofNoicans all calling for prayers, and the Democrats all calling for better gun control.

The 'New York Daily News' had a good smack-down of the PartyofNocians, screaming from their front page " 'GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS'".

With God taking a pass, you can bet the line that our Congress will also.

During the night, a bevy of statistics were out everywhere, one citing that there has been more Mass Shootings (the criteria being 4 or more people shot) this year than the number of days in the year.

Sandy Hook, Columbine, South Carolina, Plan Parenthood were all mentioned.

Yet, as time passes, and these type of Mass Shooting continue to occur, Nicholas Kristoff notes in his column today "On Guns, We’re Not Even Trying"

That leaves us all vulnerable to be part of the next wall-to-wall Cable News coverage of the next Mass Shooting.

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