Thursday, September 03, 2015

Top Ten Cloves: Things Roger Goodell Did After Losing Case To Tom Brady

10.  Called Adrian Peterson, asking him to take that tree branch to Judge Berman's behind

9.  Emailed Netanyahu, trying to lump Brady into all this Iran Deal hoopla

8.  Starting Hastag movement: #NFLComissionersPowerMatters

7.  Hoping to get Donald Trump to toss a few insults at Tom Brady

6.  Looking closely at that woman in Kentucky, maybe can win appeal on "Religious Freedom" grounds

5.  Offer to New Orleans Saints: No penalties if they put bounty on Brady

4.  Called Ray Lewis, see if he and his crew were up for some work

3.  Ripped Ted Wells for not fabricating more evidence

2.  Went into deep funk - Lied about NFL Concussion problem so good, how'd he lose this one?

1.  Called Ray Rice, asked him to get Judge Berman in an elevator