Friday, June 08, 2007

Disjointed Chief - Peter Pace Is Jumpin' ... Another Garlic Song

Man, these guys are stone cold.

They're throwing one of their own under the bus - before any shit flies.

I mean, they took him by the arms and legs, swung him back-and-forth a few times to get some momentum and heaved him in front of that big, ol' Greyhound barreling down the road.

Fearing that the reconfirmation of Joint Chief of Staff Peter Pace would hold him - and the Bush Grindhouse - accountable for the disaster they have wrought in Iraq (hmmmm, does "disaster" even cover it anymore? Is there a word that can accurately describe how Bush & Co. have fucked up Iraq, and by way of that, the rest of the world?), they chucked him.

On well, easy lie, easy go, I guess ...

So, since we didn't write anything else today, might as well serenade the Disjointed Chief with some Fats Waller music, as he boogies out the door.

Goes to the tune of The Joint Is Jumpin' so sing along as you can.

Peter Pace Is Jumpin'

Peter Pace is jumpin',
he's really jumpin',
Come in cats an' check your hats,
I mean Peter Pace is jumpin'.
The Pentagon's thumpin',
The DefSec's bumpin'.
This Iraq spot is more than hot,
In fact Peter Pace is jumpin',

Check your weapons at the door,
Be sure to pay Blackwater..
Burn your leather on the floor,
grab any of Bush's daughter.
Baghdad is rockin',
Iran is knockin'.
We're all bums when the Congress comes.
I mean Peter Pace is jumpin'.
Let it beat!

Peter Pace is jumpin',
He's really jumpin',
Even Rove is on his toes,
I mean Peter Pace is jumpin'.
No time for talkin',
It's tim for walkin'
Grab a jug 'cause they've planted bugs,
I mean Peter Pace is jumpin'.
Get your lawyer, work you spin,
There's plenty when you're ditchin'.
Who is that that just came in?
Just look at the way Gate's switchin'.
Don't mind the hour,
''Cause Cheney's really in power.
He got bail if we go to jail.
I mean Peter Pace is jumpin'.
Peter Pace is jumpin',
He's really jumpin',
We're all bums when the Congress comes.
I mean Peter Pace is jumpin'.
Don't give your right name.
No, no, no!

Listen To Fats Waller Sing 'The Joint Is Jumpin'

Joint Chiefs Chair Will Bow Out; Pentagon Wary of Thorny Reconfirmation Hearings

New Joint Chiefs Nominee: ‘This War Is Going To Go On For A Long Time. It’s A Generational War’

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Here's a Three-Card Monte if I ever saw on

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things Viewing The London 2012 Olympic Logo Can Cause

News Item: Please look away ... it's the 2012 logo

10. Otherwise normal professionals write gushy, effusive letters on behalf of convicted felon, former Vice President Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby

9. Makes War Czars skeptical about the Iraq Surge

8. President Bush can't help endorsing and backing Crony General Alberto Gonzales

7. Like a Svengali, Turkey gets urge to invade Iraq

6. After viewing logo, likely to have strong urge to attempt to jump into the Popemobile

5. Fox News Anchor Brit Hume starts spouting off with racist talk like he was at a David Duke Convention

4. Wanna-be-terrorists start thinking about blowing up JFK Airport

3. Not sure yet but it might have something to do with the honeybees dying off

2. Makes Mitt Romney use phrases like "Null Set"

1. Causes Joe Scarborough to talk about pole dancing

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Scooter Doesn't Skate ... New Garlic Song - Let's Jail Libby!

Well, Well, Well ...

No more aspens turning. No more lunches with Judy.

The Scooter doesn't skate. Hard time for one, royal hard-on.

Now, it remains to be seen if the Crony General and current Chief of Staff Josh Bolten rush over in the late of night to Judge Reggie Walton, imploring him to let The Scooter out on bail, so he can go through the charade of an appeal process, patiently tapping his toes, waiting for The Commander Guy, assuming his wrist isn't sore from signing Signing Statements, and pen his name to a pardon (that ground-shaking, like an earthquake, felt in the DC area around noontime today, was Cheney, with a head of steam, charging down to the Oval Office, red in face, foaming at the mouth, veins pulsing on his dome, demanding that pardon)

So, as we have in the past, The Garlic serenades The Scooter today, turning to the great Ray Charles' "Makin' Whoopie".

As always, sing along and let The Scooter hear you!

Let's Jail Libby

Another lie, Another June
Another Bush-Cheney Goon
Another season, another reason
Let's Jail Libby

New terror news, where's Condi Rice
the Scooter is nervous. he answers twice
its so Killin that he's not spillin'
Let's Jail Libby

Picture a secret bunker
down where the neocons cling
picture the same secret bunker
Think what a smear can bring

He's washing files and Cheney's notes
He's so ambitious for Russert's shows
but don't forget folks thats what you get folks
Let's Jail Libby

Three years or maybe less
what's this I hear? Well you can't you guess
He feels neglected and he's suspected
Let's Jail Libby

He sits alone most every night
He doesn't phone Scooter, he doesn't write
Cheney says he's busy but Scooter say's "is he?"
Let's Jail Libby

He doesn't raise much money
Matalin's busier than a whore
some donors who thinks she's funny
says a pardon's gonna cost much more

Scooter says now judge suppose I fail
And Cheney says the check is in the mail
Scooter you better keep it, our little secret
Let's Jail Libby

you better keep it
our little secret
Let's Jail Libby

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And The Warehouse of Shoes That Are Still To Drop ... The Results - The Garlic Weekly Poll

Well, just taking care of some late business here.

Funny thing, being away for a week, or so, it's pretty remarkable that the Crony General is still the Crony General.

The pat-on-the-back could still be coming, not just from what has come out already , and about, our Injustice Department, but the warehouse of shoes that are still to drop.

Then again, it really isn't a big surprise. The Bush Grindhouse has excelled, beyond all others, at incompetence - from the Pentagon, to FEMA, now Injustice and right up to the doorsteps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Since we've already had one "Godfather-like" scene, Fredo probably should be wary if some Al Neri-type from the Grindhouse, or Darth Vader's office inviting him to go fishing.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll May 21 - May 27, 2007

President Bush will get rid of Crony General Alberto Gonzales by ...

1. Having Karl Rove send a fresh list of attorneys to fire over to the Justice Department, with Gonzales' name the only one on it Tally 33%

2. The Death Knell: On camera, pats him on the back and says "Fredo, you're doing a heck of a job!" Tally 30%

3. The way he's done most of his underhanded business - via Signing Statement Tally 20%

4. Giving him another bump up, to the Presidency of the World Bank Tally 18%

This week’s Poll - President Bush is so anxious to push his Immigration Bill forward because ...

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