Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Been, Kind of, That St. James Feeling

Good Morning Garlic Fans

Once again, we have to apology, profusely, for our AWOL status.

It’s been a "when it rains, it pours" situation.

When we last surfaced, at the beginning of the month, we were talking about our ailing shoulder, the Rotator Cuff issue, and relief did come, by way of a Cortisone injection (it took a few days to start feeling better).

Ahhh, but that was only half the story.

We had a concurrent issue going on, with pain in the lower back, that included radiating down into the thigh, or hamstring (sometimes both), and causing numbing of the foot.

While pain, and the numbness, were consistent, their levels were not, ranging for low annoyance, to feeling like the Guerre de Cent Ans was reignited, with sharp, pulsating, crippling waves of pain.

So, off to the Doc's again, from there, an MRI and, I wasn't crazy, as results showed a Herniated Disc (in the L4 region), and we'll be off to another Doc in the coming week, for treatment, that, hopefully, will bring some relief (as "cramping" has entered into the picture over the last week-plus, including giving us a new experience - a foot cramp, while the foot was numb!).

We can't say for sure when we resume regular posting.

Being on the DL of so long, we're going to need some writing rehab, and we may attempt some softball satire in the coming days.

In the meantime, for the moment, we'll let the great Jack Teagarden sing our woes.

JACK TEAGARDEN St. James Infirmary

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