Saturday, May 16, 2009

Viva Tirado

Well, we're still pulling some heavy duty today, getting Aunt settled in.

Little time (and too tired) to get back in to the creative posting mood today (though, we have a few things lined up, sort'a like practice swings, limbering up, as it were, for tomorrow - hopefully).

With it being Saturday night, we figured we have to kick up the music offering, and we've got just the gem for that ...

Viva Tirado, from the Fania All Stars.

It's tune written by (more-or-less, a signature of) the legendary Gerald Wilson, one of the giants of Bebop, still fronting his own band, a monster composer/arranger.

So, put your groove on, and kick it up! ... This one definitely has some extra sauce on it ...

Viva Tirado - Fania All-Stars

(You can go HERE, to check out the Gerald Wilson Orchestra's rendition of it)

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Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, the Aunt is home!

We busted her out of the hospital last evening, however, we were too exhausted to post it

The check-out went fairly smoothly, the battle prepared for didn't materialize, and it all went very well.

She was happy, and laughing as she retired to bed.

Today was consumed with dealing with her, getting her settled in, start routines again (as best we could) and, for most part, it went better than expected.

She ebbed a bit, as the day wore on, but, otherwise, was in reasonably good spirits.

I can't predict just how the weekend will play out, however, we will endeavor to get some regular posting done

In the meantime, having had the pleasure to see the original cast, in NYC, we turn to Stephanie Mills for this evenings' musical offer, and her monster tune from ''The Wiz', to herald the occasion.


Stephanie Mills - Home

Home - Stephanie Mills

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are You Going With Me?

Yes, another long, tough day at the hospital, Garlic Fans.

The Aunt, she's doing very well, and made it through her big test today.

She's resting comfortably, vital signs are good, and, if all stays well, will return home tomorrow.

The cumbersome part of this has been dealing with hospital administrators, their Social Services, who are attempting to railroad the Aunt into a "short-term rehab center" (that would be anything but), when the best for her is coming home.

They've been running various people at me with this dribble, and we have been beating them back (and, we fully expect another barrage from them tomorrow).

So, we needed something to chill out with this evening, and we turned to Pat Metheny for that ...

Likely, it won't be until the weekend, before resuming normal (or something like that) posting (not that we are empty on some ideas - there's some prime, head-slapping stuff happening, that is just begging for some riffs).

Groove on the music, and talk among yourselves ...

PAT METHENY GROUP: "Are You Going With Me?" (Live)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cry Me A River

Sorry Garlic Fans, another long, rough day, and still, very much in hospital mode.

Tomorrow, already, is set-up to be another long day, so not sure what we will be able to do with getting any posting done.

So, in the meantime ...

Try visiting The Reaction, where we are a Contributing Editor, and, you will, always, always find some tremendous writing.

Or visit Open Salon, where we cross-post frequently, and, you will find a wide-range of topics, with a good, and entertaining, group of writers.

For the Bonus Treat to put up as our evenings' placemaker, we give you the smokey Julie London

Julie London - Cry me a river (HQ Audio)

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Just A Little Lovin'

Well, another long day at the hospital today. leaving your Garlic writer pretty drained, tired, and not up to being terribly creative this evening (we do have a few things in the pipeline, that need to be tweaked, and put in shape to post) ...

Rather than forcing it, we give way to one of our favorite tunes ...

So get your groove on, and dig on Sassy, in what many opine as the best rendition of this classic tune.

Sarah Vaughan Just A Little Lovin'

Just A Little Lovin - Sarah Vaughan

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, we have posted this tune previously, Prince Nico Mbarga's 'Sweet Mother'

However, it is such a tremendous one, and, with today being what it is, we gotta go with it.

To all the Moms out there ... Happy Mother's Day!

Now, click the video and kick up your heels!

Prince Nico Mbarga Sweet Mother

Where Do We Go

Good Morning Garlic Fans;

No, we are not referencing the PartyofNoicans with the post title

Rather, we are offering a "Lo Siento", for disappearing the past two days, with nary a note, or feeble attempt at a lame excuse.

Friday, while starting out der rigeur, soon dissolved into emergency mode, with trouble on the homefront, and having to get the Aunt we care for, to the hospital.

And, as you know from previous posts regarding this, it becomes all-time-consuming, with shuffling back-and-forth, to-and-fro, from the hospital, doctor consultations, et all.

It may be another day, or two, before we resume regular posting, however, we will endeavor to get things moving again, at the earliest.

In the meantime, you can check out this;

Over the past week, or so, watching television, we have been bombarded with commercials for the movie 'Last Chance Harvey' (it's either for the DVD release, or Comcast's On-Demand). What is appealing about it, is not the movie, but the music clip for it, which, after a bit of Googling, discovered that the beguiling voice belongs to Australian singer, Sandrine.

Where do we go - Sandrine

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