Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Killing Weeds

This comes rather late in the season, however, it should be filed away, to help you next year

Dr. Knowledge, in 'The Boston Globe' today, asks, and answers, a question that plagues just about anyone;

How do weed killers kill weeds but nothing else?

This is an interesting summer question, and the answer is a bit complex, since there isn’t really a good scientific definition of weed.

Basically, a weed is a plant you don’t want, and a weed killer is something that should kill it. So it all boils down to figuring out what you want to kill and how it’s different from what you want to keep.
You can hit the link to get into all the wonky stuff, about weeds, and the chemicals that kill them.

But Dr. Knowledge does offer an alternative;
Many choices, many herbicides — or you can just pull up what you don’t want by hand and skip a trip to the gym.
Maybe, next year, Dr. Knowledge will ask, and write about, the various muscle creams, and how they work.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Foolish Heart

Ahhh ... It was one of those days ...

Caught between wanting to be lazy, yet, duty called, with a few various tasks on the homefront (including having the television go on the fritz - well, actually, die - and having to juggle around some things).

And, while there are some juicy items laying out there, we gave in to, upon finishing the above-mentioned, to chilling out.

With the help of Chet Baker.

This is one of our favorites, though, there is even a better rendition, killer stuff, on the 'Chet Baker in Bologna' album.

It fit the evening perfectly, offering optimistic sadness to lay about and swim in ...


Chet Baker - My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart - Chet Baker

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The 1,001 Points of Light

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