Friday, May 27, 2005

Piercing, Shattering Noise Rocks DC Area
Authorities Trace To Capitol Bldg; May Be Frist Presidential Hopes

Washington, D.C. was rocked early last evening with a piercing, shrieking, shattering-type noise, heard for scores of miles beyond the nation's capital.

As emergency switchboards were flooded with calls from concern and frightened citizens, local police departments, aided by a division of federal agents pinpointed the center of where the noise emanated from and it appears to be the U.S. Capitol Building.

The first calls reporting the shattering noise began to roll in around 6:15PM, and lasted for more than an hour. Further tests were being conducted late into the evening, as more calls and leads poured in.

Washington D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey seemed assured that the public was not in danger. Homeland Security officials monitored the situation but did not change the color code.

"I'm pretty sure we know what this is all about", offered the Chief.

Speculation among authorities is mounting that the noise was the 2008 Presidential hopes of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) breaking apart, as he lost a senate vote to end the debate over the nomination of John Bolton to the post of United Nations Ambassador.

Frist had begun the day confident, that not only the debate would end, but the nomination vote would take place as well.

For Frist, this is the second major blow to his leadership, after Monday's surprise compromise, in which 7 Democrats and 7 Republicans joined forces to bring a truce to the heated judicial nomination debates, and prevent Frist from enacting the threatened 'Nuclear Option' that would change Senate rules and outlaw filibusters.

Frist, who has been positioning himself for a run at the 2008 Presidential rave, has been widely criticized by other Republicans as to his abilities to be the Senate Leader and delivering for the President, his last-term, conservative agenda.

The failures of Frist this week, according to some Republican sources, not only throw a wet blanket on gaining the 2008 nomination,. but risk seeing Frist replaced as Senate Majority Leader as well.

"Hey," offered one Republican insider, "when you're in charge of the bakery, and the bread isn't coming out of the oven, might be time for a new baker"

The White House commented that they were "disappointed" in not seeing a vote for Bolton.

"This has happened before", stated Chief Ramsey. "Probably, the last time was way back, when I think Gary Hart was in office … That was one doozy of a noise, all right".

NBA Considers Selling Uniform Space To Advertisers
Carl's Jr. Looking To Place Paris Hilton To "Our Key Demo's"

The National Basketball Association announced this week that they are considering offering space on team uniforms for advertisers and sponsors to display their names or logos.

The proposal could reap billions for the NBA, according to Commissioner David Stern.

"Let's face it, the horse is out of the barn and we don't even have a farm yet"

The NBA currently bans all forms of advertising on team uniforms, the only major sport that has such a restriction and some owners are against having uniforms with advertising, wanting the league to maintain a certain, professional look.

However a growing number of owners are looking at it seriously, as a means to recoup some of the millions they spend on payrolls for players.

Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, says "bring it on"

"Man, we could really go to town on this … Have different advertisers for different players … Home uniforms, Away uniforms … Hell, if someone wants to spend enough money, we'll have the sponsors strapped to the player's backs"

One advertiser is already lining up to secure uniform space from the NBA - Carl's Jr.

With their new, Paris Hilton television campaign going through the roof, Carl's Jr. can't produce enough branding fast enough to leverage the bevy of free publicity and extra plays of the commercial they have been receiving.

The commercial features a bathing suit-clad Paris Hilton, sensually soaping up a Bentley automobile - and herself - while eating a Carl's Jr. burger.

"I mean, how hot would that be to have Paris Hilton on a bunch of big, sweaty NBA players", offered one Carl's Jr. marketing executive. "We could probably do something special … like during timeouts, we have soap, or something, interact with the player's perspiration so the uniform suds-up"

When asked about the Carl's Jr. proposal, Stern smiled.

"Yes, we have talked with them. It certainly is an interesting idea but, perhaps, a bit too much … We have a lot of young fans … If they want to use Lindsey Lohan, now, maybe we can talk …"

Top Ten Cloves: How John Bolton Will Relax Over The Memorial Day Weekend

10. Complain to President Bush how come American Idol contestants can get votes but he can't?

9. Make prank phone calls to North Korean Leader Kim Jong

8. Trim his moustache - strand-by-strand

7. Visit his local supermarkets to lambaste and scream at the bag boys and cashiers - just to stay in shape

6. Start writing the intelligence reports that he will present in U.N. to allow Bush Administration to invade Syria

5. Give his TIVO a workout, watching the new Paris Hilton commercial

4. Think about job security - pull out of ambassadorship and go for being a federal judge

3. Take a road trip to Ohio and beat the crap out of Senator George Voinovich

2. Meet with architects to begin planning on loping off the top ten floors of the United Nations building

1. Pick up the DVD and watch his favorite film, 'Twelve Angry Men'

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thursday 26 May 2005

Tiger Jam Raises Over $1-Million - Without Name Host
Woods Slump Continues; Fails To Make Cut For Fundraising Concert

With A-List celebrities, including Terri Hatcher, Conan O'Brien, Kevin James, floating around the floor of the sold-out Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last Saturday, the Tiger Jam VII raised more than $1 million for the Tiger Woods Learning Center (TWLC) and select local charities.

And it was done without the name-above-the-title host - Tiger Woods.

Woods failed to make the cut for the annual fundraiser, which featured the music of Stevie Wonder and the Counting Crows, leaving the crowd searching for the famed golfer much of the evening.

It appears Woods is carrying over his woes from the golf course. Woods has gone 10 majors without winning, matching the longest drought of his career. His only victory this year was in February, and three players - Vijay Singh, Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson - have grabbed most of the headlines.

Reports say that during rehearsals, Woods flubbed his lines, forgot names of key sponsors and guests, and shanked his handshake too far to the right. After a brief huddle of the event producers, Woods was informed that he would be left out of the main event later that evening.

Woods was said to have acted professionally, but was also distraught. Reports from numerous guests and hotel staff say that Woods spent the next several hours shaking hands with people, at random, often repeating the gesture two, or three times. He was also introducing himself to hotel staff, then returning a few minutes later, reciting their name back to them. Security guards on the floor of his suite report hearing him practicing a speech, over-and-over.

Tiger Jam, The Las Vegas-based concert series, was created in 1998 by the Tiger Woods Foundation, an organization dedicated to inspiring dreams in America's youth. Since its inception, Tiger Jams I - VII have raised more than $7 million. Proceeds from previous Tiger Jams have supported Child Haven, Center for Independent Living, Greater Las Vegas Inner City Games, Boys & Girls Club of Las Vegas, UNLV Women's Athletics, GRAMMY in the Schools and The VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

There were unconfirmed reports that hours into the fundraiser, Woods returned, indicating he was prepared and ready, but was escorted out of the room, without taking the stage or engaging in the ceremonies.

BBC Employees Stage Strike That Almost Goes Unnoticed

Management Doesn't Notice; Thought It Was A Gag and Goes Along With It

Looking to thwart company plans that call for over 4,000 job cuts over the next three-years, thousand of BBC employees stayed away from their work yesterday, calling a 24-hour strike.

Trouble is, as technicians, to news correspondents, to anchors, carried picket signs that read "Fight for our BBC." outside Television Center, the BBC's mammoth headquarters in West London, BBC management all but ignored the strikers, believing it was a practical joke.

"They were so civil and polite", said BBC Director General, Mark Thompson. "I thought it was a gag".

So much so that Thompson called his friend, actor and former Monty Python member John Cleese, who showed up, in costume and disguise of a Scotland Yard Inspector, causing a temporary commotion, as Cleese issued arcane and non-sensical instructions for proper striking rules and regulations.

Once his identity was exposed, Cleese took up with a picket sign and stayed for over an hour with the strikers.

When it became clear to Thompson, and the rest of the management staff that the strike was legitimate, it became difficult for the BBC to cover it, as only approximately 30% of the news staff reported to work. Strikers didn't help, as they refused to give interviews to the staffers sent out to cover the strike.

BBC did try to keep its programs on the air, but ended up cutting back or canceling much of its live television and radio coverage because of the strike. Among the programs to be canceled was the "Today" program, an influential morning news and current affairs radio broadcast. Repeats were put in place as well as a program about jazz music.

At issue is the financial future of the company. Thompson announced that in order for the BBC to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded broadcasting world, it would have to cut 3,780 jobs for a savings of about £355 million a year or about $642 million at current exchange rates.

Thompson was appointed last May as much to restore the BBC's confidence in itself as to lead the corporation into the difficult future. Last year, the BBC lost a bitter and angry battle with the Labor government of Prime Minister Tony Blair stemming from its coverage, in 2003, of the advent of the Iraqi war.

An investigation led by Lord Hutton, a former judge, found that the BBC had erred in reporting on the "Today" program that the government had deliberately exaggerated the case for war, and criticized the company for sloppy reporting and poor oversight. In the wake of Lord Hutton's scathing report, both the BBC's chairman and director general resigned.

Unions represent nearly 9,000 of the BBC's 27,000 employees and say Mr. Thompson's proposals would cut the company to the quick, making it impossible to maintain its reputation and high standards.

The strike is the first of three planned in the next month and Thompson was still surprised by the work action.

"I don't know, a lot of my friends are out there … I feel like I should be bringing them out some tea, or something".

News In Brief 26 May 2005

Mötley Crüe To Expand Lawsuit Beyond NBC

The metal band, Mötley Crüe filed suit against NBC yesterday for allegedly violating the group's free-speech rights and hampering its sales by banning it following an appearance on The Tonight Show after lead singer, Vince Neil, used an expletive on the air.

The band claims the ban was executed so NBC could gain favor with the Federal Communications Commission. The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Los Angeles, claims NBC blocked other appearances for Mötley Crüe on NBC programs, including "Last Call With Carson Daly" and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien".

The appearances on the network were to promote the band's new double album, "Red, White & Crüe," composed primarily of previously released songs.

The band's attorneys filed a second lawsuit, a class-action suit, with over 35-million "John and Jane Does' named, charging them with not purchasing, or purchasing enough of the band's albums, tickets, or merchandises.

Mötley Crüe's lawyer, Skip Miller said that the band was prepared to "sue it's way back into the charts"

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things The Parents Television Council Doesn't Like About New Paris Hilton/Carl's Jr. Commercial

10. Neighbors who like commercial are throwing Carl's Jr. burger wrappers on their lawns

9. Have to lie to their children that it's an outtake/blooper from 'A Simple Life' program

8. Wish it was McDonald's or Burger King instead of a low-level chain like Carl's Jr. so they could get better PR

7. Envy - Nobody on the council owns a Bentley

6. Actually, they are protesting the size and nutritional value of the burger in the commercial

5. Not enough staff to protest at Carl's Jr and Hooters on the same day

4. Too many of their 10-year-olds are asking Mommy and Daddy to Tivo the commercial

3. Disappointed that Carl's Jr. won't be giving out free shakes like Wendy's did

2. They're a Freedom Fry bunch and object to the use of the song "I Love Paris"

1. When they show up to protest at Carl's Jr., crowd expects them to wash their cars

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday 25 May 2005

Santorum To Back Frist On End-Of-Days Compromise
Says He'll Guarantee "Weather Storm" If That Day Comes

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) came to the support of Senate Leader Bill Frist yesterday, in calling for an 'End-of-Days' scenario, and holding the Democrats to an extreme standard in order to conduct the "extreme measures" filibuster that is part of the Senate Compromise worked out Monday evening by 14 moderate senators, Republican and Democrat.

Santorum went further, saying he'll deliver "a weather storm" to the Democrats, "the likes that has never been seen".

Santorum, say his critics, is attempting to privatize the U.S. Weather System

On April 14, Santorum introduced Senate Bill 786, which will limit the National Weather Service to delivering severe weather forecasts, not daily local forecasts that are profit makers for commercial weather forecasters.

There are over a dozen private weather companies, including AccuWeather, that are based in Pennsylvania - Santorum's state and Santorum has received contributions from AccuWeather.

"The core mission of the National Weather Service" says Santorum, is not the five-day forecast but to prepare the public for weather emergencies. The Weather Service should not be investing resources, time and energy in providing travel forecasts for airlines or Pebble Beach or ski resorts."

Critics say that these private weather companies are taking information generated by the National Weather Service, repackaging it and selling it for a profit.

"The government should not compete in an area outside its mission where there is a private sector available," he said.

Santorum dismissed his critics and says he's just "trying to preserve jobs"

AccuWeather is the largest (325 employees) of 14 commercial weather forcasting companies in Pennsylvania.

"Let the Democrats just try something", barked Santorum "The Book of Revelations will look like a cartoon compared to what I, and AccuWeather, rains down on them".

White House Stays Course On Story Sources
Criticizes Islamic Websites For Vague Zarqawi References

Like his favorite news network, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was being "fair and balanced" as he criticized a number of Islamic news organizations and websites, who have been presenting unverified reports that Iraqi Al Qaeda leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is seriously wounded, perhaps gravely so.

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander" offered McClellan, at the daily press briefing yesterday.

"We would expect the Arab and Islamic journalists and news organizations to have sound principles in their reporting. We saw last week, the trouble and deaths that resulted from just a few lines in an American magazine. Reports like this can cause serious ramifications for a great number of our military, as well as innocent civilians".

McClellan not-so-covered reference to Newsweek's reporting of a Koran being flushed down a toilet at the Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp, and the subsequent protests and 17 deaths in Afghanistan that President Bush, and McClellan, squarely blamed Newsweek for causing has been refuted by U.S. Military commanders as well as the Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Mr. Zarqawi, who Osama bin Laden chose to be the Al Qaeda leader in Iraq, is a Jordanian-born militant who the U.S. Military has a $25-Million bounty on his head as the "most wanted man" in Iraq.

"Any news organization, or group" continued McClellan, "that puts out information that they know to be false, or inaccurate, is not a credible organization".

News In Brief 25 May 2005

PalmOne, Palm and Shareholders Battle Over Name Change

After two spin-offs, a few years and a revolving door for executives, PalmOne Inc. announced yesterday that it is paying over $30-Million to change its name back to Palm Inc.

The company that made its name with the PalmPilot may have a roadblock as shareholders have yet to approve the move.

Until the matter is resolved, both sides have agreed to the stipulation that for media and marketing, "The Company Formerly Known As Palm" will be used, along with an abstruse, unintelligible logo.

FBI Puts Out APB For New Computer System

FBI Director Robert Mueller told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee yesterday that the FBI had designed a new electronic information management system called Sentinel, however, it will not be operational until late 2006.

The new computer system was designed to replace the failed $170 million system aimed at helping agents share information

Mueller expects more budget to be spent as agents fan out over FBI property, screening and interrogating computers, which are required to show their system information and code, upon demand. Though foul play is not suspected, the FBI does have leads and there are a number of programs, language and hardware that are considered "items of interest".

Mueller indicated that until this problem is resolved, the FBI will continue to not share information with other government agencies.

Top Ten Cloves: What President Bush Will Do To Get The Stem Cells Adopted Before They Are Discarded

10. Haliburton has more money than God, let them raise'em

9. FCC, instead of issuing fines, can make violators take stem cells to raise

8. But Condi, a lot of working woman are single mothers

7. Could be the first group to open up Private Retirement Accounts

6. Have Frist add a new Senate rule that every Senator must adopt and raise a stem cell

5. If Army recruiting levels continue to plummet, we'll draft them into military and give them a proper raising

4. Add stem cells to the White House list of gifts given to visiting heads-of-state

3. Before we put them up for adoption, Rove wants DNA test to see if they come from Red State or Blue State

2. Get 2008 Presidential voting changed to whichever candidate adopts the most stem cells becomes President

1. Take 'No Child Left Behind' funds, 'Clear Skies' funds and the stem cell kids end up with lakefront property in Alaska

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday 24 May 2005

Frist Wary Of New Compromise
May Continue With Justice Sundays; Seeks 'End of Days' Commitment

Through the efforts of 14 bipartisan senators, a compromise was reached on President Bush's judicial nominees and the Senate will move forward with the vote for confirmation, avoiding both a derisive filibuster or the unprecedented changing of Senate rules, the derided 'Nuclear Option'.

However, Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) is wary of the new compromise and wants a clear definition of the element around the Democrats' right to filibuster under 'extraordinary circumstances. Frist, essentially, was building his run for the presidency on this judicial nominee issue and was clearly reaching out to the conservative Christian right wing of the Republican Party.

Frist is threatening to conduct more Justice Sundays and wants an 'End of Days' guideline to what the extraordinary circumstances will be for the Democrats to invoke a filibuster over a judicial nominee.

Frist remains out on bail and is facing charges of the Patriot Act violations for his threatened use of the 'Nuclear Option (See The Garlic 11 May 2005 - Dems Seek Arrest, Charges of Senate Leader Frist, and Others).

Frist has called on Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, to assist Frist in drafting the 'extraordinary circumstances" clause of the compromise. Both men helped organize the first Justice Sunday event, which was dubbed, "The Filibuster Against People of Faith"

Frist wants an 'End of Days' scenario in place as the only definition of the 'extraordinary circumstances'. Frist, reportedly, has the backing of the While House for this harsh definition.

Senate Minority Leader, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) was disappointed with Frist, charging him with continuing to "pander to the right" and vowed a fight over this clause of the compromise.

"He can throw all the fire and brimstone at us that he wants to" said an angry Reid. "He needs to look at the polls and what the American people are saying … The Senate is a joke right now and he's creating his own 'End of Days' scenario if he continues down this path".

It is being reported that Frist, in a symbolic gesture, flushed a copy of the compromise down a Senate toilet late last night.

Apple To Support Podcasting
Believes More Apple Dissent To Be Thwarted With New Support

At the 3rd D: All Things Digital Conference in San Diego this week, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that iTunes 4.9, the newest release of the popular music downloading application will feature integrated support for Podcasting.

Jobs was dismissive of the growing popularity of Podcasting, describing it as "Wayne's World for radio" but did remain upbeat to the phenomenon. Jobs also discussed the prospects of placing iTunes on telephones.

Intergrating Podcating with iTunes is the continuation of Apple's campaign to thwart and stamp down any dissent or negativity associated with the range of Apple's products and services (See The Garlic 10 March 2005 - Apple Takes Blog Ruling As New Club On Criticism and Dissent).

The new features for podcasting with iTunes 4.9, will have similar software to the newer iPods that are outfitted with special senors to detect a batch of keywords related to dissent about Apple. Much like the iPods, the new podcasting features will send a signal - much like a Lojack - for Apple to dispatch a lawyer to serve the podcasters with a lawsuit.

For those who upgrade to and/or download the new iTunes 4.9, and listen to a podcast on an either the iTune website or an iPod, a special button will be available that will take them directly to the iSqueal Hotline, so they can report any Apple dissent they hear being broadcast.

News In Brief 24 May 2005

F.D.A Readies Depression Device Implant

The Food and Drug Administration may soon approve a medical device for severely depressed patients, the first new option in more than a generation, though there is mounting evidence as to its' effectiveness.

The pacemaker-like device, called a vagus nerve stimulator, is a surgically implanted device, in the upper chest, and with wires are threaded into the neck, where it stimulates a nerve leading to the brain. It has been approved since 1997, for limited use and treatment and now is being readied for more widespread use.

One doctor, close to the study, indicated that while other treatments and drugs may be just as effective, the main obstacle has been that too many patients are too depressed to turn the device on.

'Star Wars' Sets New Box Office Records, But With Less Viewers

''Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith" sold an estimated $108.5 million in tickets for the Friday-to-Sunday period, taking its total to $158.5 million since it opened after midnight Thursday. Its four-day haul sets a new record, surpassing the $134.3 million tally of 2003's ''The Matrix Reloaded."

While the overall revenue was on target for LucasFilms, the more detailed tracking of tickets showed that over $130-Million was spent from the same, small group of Star War devotees, who purchased tickets and sat through every screening, many in Star Wars costumes and character.

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard On The First Lady's Mid-East Trip

10. Look, she's holding hands with that woman - must be to get back at her husband

9. Do you believe that - She tried to get me to open a Private Retirement Account

8. I heard she's only over here to get a deal on some rugs and afghans

7. With that Nuclear Option thing, she just wanted to be out of the country

6. Oh man, get the briefing papers out again - she keeps saying "That spy, Jackson Pollack"

5. I wonder if Tom DeLay's lobbyist is paying for this trip?

4. No Mrs. Bush, the Special Rendition cells aren't on the itinerary

3. I heard she had them fly over a DVD of the final episode of Desperate Housewives

2. They thought it was one of her jokes when she said she wanted to see the Dome of the Rock because she likes his movies

1. What time does she flush the Newsweek Magazine down the toilet?

Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday 23 May 2005

Major Media Looking At Story Sources

No More Anonymous; Only Friends and "A Guy I Know" To Be Used

White House To Offer List Of Approved Sources

Major media and news organizations, including the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, NBC News, and others, say they will cut back and/or eliminate the use of anonymous sources.

Following the retraction of a Newsweek article describing the abuse of a Koran at Guantanamo Bay Prison, the media has come under heavy fire on the rampant use of anonymous sources, especially from the White House. Other scandals, including CBS News's reporting on President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service during last years' presidential campaign, have run into trouble using anonymous or unverified sources.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was particularly harsh in his criticism and yesterday, joined the major media in the solution by announcing a special, approved list of sources that the media can employ.

"We have a number of sources, still under contract, that the media can quote and employ" offered McClellan.

McClellan went on to reference Jeff Gannon and Armstrong Williams as being available. Both men were widely disparaged when it was discovered that, in their roles of journalists, they were also on the payroll of the White House, to promote or position a Bush Administration policy.

McClellan, when pressed about using paid White House sources, defended the program.

"These people are professionals, who have been vetted and are under contract … It's all above-board"

Meanwhile, editors of the top news organizations are going about adopting new sources policies.

Reporters must now quote only "friends", and can use "I guy I know", when writing their articles. Family members, co-workers and "a friend-of-a-friend" may also be used. Such sources as "I heard", "on-the-grapevine" and "people are saying", will not be allowed.

The editors rejected a White House request that reporters get a photocopy of the sources driver's license or passport.

The most famous use of a anonymous source came during the Watergate Crises, when a source known as Deep Throat helped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein expose the White House scandal and cover-up. The subsequent investigation and hearings lead to calls to impeach then-President Richard Nixon, who later became the first U.S. President to resign, in disgrace, from office.

"This administration", said one editor who is a friend of a friend, "will cut a sources throat before that ever happens again"

Study Shows College Grads "Dropping Out"

Studies Abandoned; Blogs, Podcasting and Apprentice New Goals

With tens-of-thousands of young people discarding their caps-and-gowns during the upcoming weeks, prepared to face and challenge the real world, a new study shows that an overwhelming number of college graduates have far less ambitious plans.

The Center for the American Way of Life, an obscure think tank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, released results for a two-year study they conducted on the habits and advancement of college graduates and were somewhat surprised at the results.

"We had a good deal of cross-referenced platforms in our study" offered Thaddeus Curtis, president of the CAWL, "designed to secure the most prominent and detailed motives of the study subjects".

Curtis indicated over 15,000 recent college graduates were in the program.

The results released show a growing trend of young people abandoning further studies or entry into the job market, opting, rather to stay living at home and engaging in blogs, podcasting or applying for Donald Trump's hit show, 'The Apprentice'

Some of the results show;

87% living in their parents home or basement
63% currently writing blogs
47% currently producing podcasts
53% have sent applications to 'The Apprentice'

Curtis said that the numbers grew as the study progressed and showed a continued trend in the direction of "dropping out".

"I suppose we'll have to do a second study of reading and analyzing the blogs and podcasts to see if we can figure out what's going on".

News In Brief 23 May 2005

Madison Ave, Name Brands, Lay Claim To Sadam Undies

Hanes, Fruit-of-the-Loom and BVD, along with their ad agencies, are claiming that former Iraqi dictator, Sadam Hussian, is wearing their underpants, in the photo's released last week by The Sun newspaper in London.

All describe the alleged "telltale" signs, including stitching, waistband and vent, as being their distinct brand.

"It's unmistakable" declared a spokesperson for Hanes.

FOL announced a new campaign, showing their fruit characters carrying weapons and in army fatigues.

The U.S. Military declined comment and is continuing the investigation as to how the photographs were leaked.

Six Flags Bans Sex Offenders

Six Flags Mountain, the amusement park chain, announced last week that they are banning from their parks, registered sex offenders.

Six Flags is adding wording on the back of season passes and tickets to all 30 of its U.S. amusement parks this year stating that it reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone convicted of a sex crime.

The company stated that no other action is being taken as to drug use, alcohol abuse, Skinheads and there will be no increase in safety training of its' employees.

A spokeswoman for the Oklahoma City-based Six Flags, said the wording provides "an extra level of protection" for park visitors.

Military Puts Brakes On Haliburton

The Army Field Support Command and Awards Fee Board are investigating the Haliburton company, and it's subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root, for missed assignments and reports of wild and violent "partying, following the recent payment of a $72-Million bonuses for the company's work in Iraq.

The Army says deadlines for food service, continued construction and mail delivery are all late and/or missed completely.

Reports are surfacing the Haliburton and KRB employees went on a 'party binge" following the receipt of the bonuses that included copious amounts of alcohol, drugs and "uninhibited sexual play", with some of these activities occurring on U.S. Government property. It is unclear if any U.S. Military personnel took part in the wild party.

Top Ten Cloves: Things Larry King Would Have Said If He Had Testified In Michael Jackson Trial

10. Did you know that 48% of the woman who watch CNN, would rather go to bed with me, than Wolf Blitzer?

9. I have to admit, I like to have alittle Jesus Juice before I go on air

8. Juror Number 5 - What do you have to say?!

7. I appreciate it, your Honor, on letting me use my CNN mic …It has a chip in it that makes my voice sound sexier

6. Just give me a call … I can get you a copy of the network footage of his sister's halftime show ... Stuff nobody's seen!

5. What kind of question is that? Look at'em - everybody knows he's a freak

4. Who's our next caller? … Oh, sorry, what was the question again?

3. On my show, when I reference "The Donald", I'm talking about Trump - Mr. Apprentice …I have no idea what Jackson is talking about when he talks about his "Donald" …

2. I know, the suspenders make me look taller

1. Let's be real - I wouldn't let my kid sleep in the same state as him …