Friday, November 27, 2009

We've Already Seen The Palin-Beck Administration

I don't want to spend much time, thought, or energy on this drivel, of either a Mommy Moose Presidency, or having the infantile, racist, zipperhead Beck on the ticket with her.

We've already seen this movie.

Idiocracy - Trailer

Neither one of them has an electrolyte between them.

Idiocracy Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

Help Me Mr. Wizard!

The Links

Ron Beasley: Too Stupid to be a Democracy

Skippy the bush kangaroo: sarah, palin tall

Alex Seitz-Wald: Beck’s Sexist Reason For Ruling Out Palin-Beck Ticket: She’d Always Be ‘Yapping’ Like We’re ‘In The Kitchen’

Azaria Jagger: Glenn Beck Dismisses Palin-Beck 2012 Because Sarah Belongs 'in the Kitchen'

bluegal: Glenn Beck rules out Palin/Beck 2012: "What, I'm gonna take a backseat to a chick?"

Color By Numbers

H/T to Barry Crimmins on this one

Here's a rather depressing "color by numbers" set you likely didn't find in the bargain aisle, on this iconic retail shopping day-from-hell.

It shows, rather bleakly, people are dropping, even before they go shopping.

Latoya Egwuekwse'a post notes;

In the face of the worst economic upheaval since the Great Depression, millions of Americans are hurting, The above interactive map serves as a vivid representation of just how much ..."
The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

Be sure to click "Play" and be amazed.

Well, at least there's no news reports - yet - of Walmart having anyone killed.

Bonus Links

Bad Day At Black Rock

Barry Crimmins: Unapologetic

$5-Billion Sale Goes To Two Finance Groups ... Neiman Marcus Sells Self Through Catalog - "Almost Threw Away Book In Recycling", Says Buyer

GoldenPalace.Com Rumored To Win Lunch With Buffet for $351G's ... Funds Go To Charity; Extra's Included Oracle of Omaha Being Tattooed With Casino Logo

Hooters Applauds FDA Breast Implant Vote ... Opens Doors For More Woman To Become 'Hooter Girls'

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wild Is the Wind

Well, as we wrote earlier this week, it's been a rough month on this end, taking us completely out of our game, and posting a lot of goose-eggs.

We hope to begin getting back on track, right after the holiday, with a few new posts (already partially composed - Hint, we'll be inducting a few new Ignorant Dolts into the ranks).

So, on this damp, cool, holiday eve, we've got a tune you can unwind to, perhaps a cocktail in hand, after a night of preparation for the big day tomorrow.

It comes from under-heralded vibraphonist, Dave Pike.


Dave Pike Quartet - Wild Is the Wind

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Monday, November 23, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving!