Thursday, February 18, 2016

Top Ten Cloves: Surprises In Todays' NBA Trade Deadline

News Item: NBA Trade Deadline 2016 Tracker: Updates, Reaction and Analysis

10.  NBA Players Union bars any trades to the Detroit Pistons - to close to Flint, and their posion water

9.  Kobe urging Lakers to trade for Dallas Mavericks Dancers - They be hot!

8.  Donald Trump issues call to all NBA teams to trade foreign-born players out of country

7. Kevin Love trade nixed - Injured himself answering telephone

6.  Sticking point with all players traded today: All want new cellphones - Don't trust Apple won't cave to Government

5.  Roger Goodell pressuring NBA, says Boston Celtics using deflated balls

4.  Sixers trade entire team for D-Leaguers, to stay in Draft Lottery for next 5-years

3.  To prevent from being traded, Demarcus Cousins now occupying Oregon wildlife refuge

2.  James threatens Liu and Griffin to make good trade - or else!

1.  Blake Griffin traded to WBC, if immediate match-up with Floyd Mayweather set