Sunday, March 13, 2016

As To The Trump Violence, We're Doing The "I Told You So"

Going back to the early days of the campaign, some media did report the violence at Trump events.

Since the cancelled Trump Rally in Chicago Friday night, the floodgates have been open, with many fulminating over the Trump violence, offering details of past Trump events and timelines to illuminate it.

Today, we have Josh Marshall at TPM offering "Someone Will Die", Karen Tumulty, and others, at WaPO asking "Trump has lit a fire. Can it be contained?", and you can go out to Memeorandum for more.

All well, and good, these writings.

It's just that the timelines and denunciations of Trump Violence doesn't go back far enough.

After pointing to Trump's Fascism on November 20th, from the GOP Debate, and Trump doubling down on his call to close all Mosques, and track all Muslims, it took all of 24-48-hours to see what his rhetoric wrought.

A day later, we highlighted,  straight out of Central Casting, and on-cue, "Armed protesters stalk peaceful Muslims at Texas mosque: We want to show force"

These were the early days of the campaign, when the Republican Establishment, and many in the Media, believed that Trump wasn't a serious candidate, that he would either self-implode, or drop out.

But he didn't do either, instead, gained strength, in part, hammering the GOP's Golden Saviour JEB!, to the point, JEB! was the one that self-imploded and dropped out.

And, the rhetoric, and violence continued at Trump events, escalating, to where we are now.

Trump is blaming Bernie Sanders, and his supporters, for the disruptions at his events this weekend, even, on stage, mocking Sanders, for when protester took over Sanders on-stage, taking the microphone away from him, to which we noted, back in November;
So, according to The Donald, Bernie Sanders is a wimp, for not kicking the shit out of the protesters at his event. 
And, The Donald, with a comment like that, has given tacit approval for his supporters to beat up anyone who protests, or, criticizes The Donald.
We've see that come to fruition, the violence, and mocking of Sanders, which Trump will milk, at least, until Tuesday, when there's a new round of Primary Voting, and we see what impact the weekend's events has on the outcomes.

We ended our November post with;
Before some actually gets murdered, time for The Donald, all the presidential candidates to adopt a policy of #AllWordsMatter.
Otherwise, the campaign trails melts down to a free-for-all, and the candidate with the better fighters and goons wins.
We refrained in November, so, now, belatedly, we told you so.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump Harvesting The Fascist Crops

Well, considering there was no Primary Voting yesterday, no terror attack, no Missing White Woman, Cable News, and their cavalcade of Talking Heads got a bonanza of a bonus last night, via the chaotic Trump Rally in Chicago.

This will allow them to go wall-to-wall with it over the weekend.

Okay, a little audience participation here ...

Everybody raise their hands as to who didn't see this coming?

Since he entered the Presidential Campaign, Trump has promulgated fascist, racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic principles, and, at his rallies, as uttered rhetoric of the same, including violence, at protesters, and, the media.

Numerous people, on Cable last night (Rachel Maddow, for one), as well as blogs (Here)  have presented a timeline of Trumps hostile speeches.

"How could you be shocked?" the President exclaimed during a fundraiser in Austin. "This was the guy who was sure I was born in Kenya."
"As long as it was being directed at me they were fine with it. It was a hoot," Obama continued. "And suddenly they're shocked."
Granted, a good portion of the protesting last night was organized, which gets us into the whole 1st Amendent thing, and, unfortunately, it allowed Trump to play the victim.

He was interviewed, via telephone and was in complete denial that he had anything to do with it, that he wasn't/isn't inciting violence, falling back on his stump speeches of the country's divided, people are angry, he'll make a better deal for everybody.

Yet, just hours before the Chicago Rally, in St. Louis, there was protesting, and violence.

Trump said that there used to be "consequences" for protesting, and told his supporters that the protestors are bad for "our country," according to Politico.
“There used to be consequences. There are none anymore,” Trump said. “These people are so bad for our country. You have no idea folks, you have no idea.”
So, it's out there.

If you disagree with Donald Trump, you're bad for our country, so bad for our country.

I'll take the first place in line that I'm bad for our country.

Futher, I'l speculate that the Chicago Rally, and the chaos that ensued was planned by Trump and his staff.

"These are not good people folks, just so you understand," he said, according to video of the rally. "These are not good people. And I heard this was going to happen, and they said, ‘Mr. Trump, would you like to cancel?’ I said, ‘absolutely not.’"
So, let's go up river to Chicago.

Trump, and his staff chose the University of Illinois at Chicago, which is in downtown Chicago.

As one may except, a university is going to be, overwhelmingly young people, under the age of 25-year-old, reasonably educated (heck, their in college), and ethnically, and racially, diverse.

Trumps average supporter is considerably older, 45-years old, or older, less educated, and, white - and with this frightening personality trait.

So, why on earth, did Trump and his people pick this location?

From interviews conducted last night, the protesters didn't just show up last night.

On campus, when word went out about the rally, protesters began organizing earlier in the week, which, one can speculate, was known by University officials, Chicago officials and, of course, the Trump campaign.

If Trump, and his people, didn't, outright, know of the organized protest, they, by chosing this location for a rally, hedged their bets that it would happen.

And, by having it happen, Trump dominates the news cycle, and gets to play the victim, gets to cite all these "bad people" who prevented him from speaking, casting himself as a "huge advocate of free speech."

James Fallows has a good-read piece up, After the ‘Nice’ Debate: Trump's Shape-Shifting Power, in which he posits that "Trump has a dramatic range no other candidate can begin to match" (making Ronald Reagan look like a cable-access piker) and "He may be the most ignorant person, about public policy, who has ever gotten this far in a presidential race."

He's not so ignorant about manipulating the conversation, and the media.

In short, we speculate Trump and his staff orchestrated this Chicago chaos, planting the seeds for it along the campaign trail, and now, are beginning to harvest their fascist crops.

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Friday, March 04, 2016

#GOPDEBATE ... Detroit Poisoned, Con Game Out In The Open

Senator Roark, from 'Sin City';
Power don't come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big, and gettin' the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you've got 'em by the balls.
We thought we pull up the Senator Roark quote again, since it is indicative, he was, most likely, a Republican.

When headlines folliowing your political party's Presidential Debate are "Donald Trump defends size of his penis' and "Trump Brags About His Penis Size: 'I Guarantee You There Is No Problem", it's time to fold up, close down the shop, and pull up the AARP "Hobbies You Can Do" page.

Lying "Big" isn't working, and "the whole damn world" isn't playing along.

The Clown Car went off the road last night, and was totaled, irrepairable, completely demolished.

And there was a warning of what was to come.

The Clown Car's Engine Light went on earlier in the day, when 47% Mitt Romney, the GOP's 2012 Presidential Election Loser, gave a speech from Mormonland, dissing and smearing Trump, in a political equivalent of a school yard taunt of "Your mother wears combat boots".

Who was the bright light bulb in the GOP Establishment that thought this was a good idea?

Alex Pareene, over on Gawker offers that Donald Trump Was Set Up
If so, it was a brilliant maneuver. Tonight we saw the attempted assassination of front-runner Donald Trump, beginning early and sustained for almost the entire night. Fox prepared elaborate multimedia presentations designed to make Trump explain away his erratic positions and policy proposals. They hammered him on Trump University and got him to flip-flop on immigration. All night, Fox’s moderators forced Trump to directly reckon with his contradictory positions and statements, complete with video packages illustrating those contradictions. No other candidate faced a similar onslaught.
If indeed Fox lured Trump into an ambush, it would be perhaps the canniest move the conservative establishment has made this entire election cycle, and the first documented example of anti-Trump coordination actually working (to whatever degree it will turn out tonight “worked”).
Even in this weird year, a contested nominating convention is still most likely to occur only in the wet dreams of campaign trail reporters. But this might have been, in miniature, a practice session for a wild and unlikely anti-Trump putsch in Cleveland this summer.
It lead us to Tweet earlier this morning;
‪#‎GOPDebate‬ ....Irony of Irony, Faux News fact-checking Trump ...With penis-defending, next debate they be throwing own feces at each other

The "Fact-Checking" of Trump last night had to have Roger Ailes rupturing squeeze balls, since the long con of his network is propaganda, and his people presenting "facts" was like having them go ice skating in late March, ignoring the "Thin Ice" sign.

They should have run this clip before the debate last night;

The other headline to come out of last night's debacle was Little Marco Rubio effusively defending Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over his handling of poisoning the residents of Flint, despite news that Snyder knew as early as October 2014 about the issue.

The fact is they are all Phonys and Frauds, it's just that Trump isn't an offical member of PartyofNoicans, so, the GOP Establishment wants a dues-paying phony or fraud to get the nomination, not some Interloper, who is playing their con game bigger and better.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Top Ten Cloves: Surprises In Todays' NBA Trade Deadline

News Item: NBA Trade Deadline 2016 Tracker: Updates, Reaction and Analysis

10.  NBA Players Union bars any trades to the Detroit Pistons - to close to Flint, and their posion water

9.  Kobe urging Lakers to trade for Dallas Mavericks Dancers - They be hot!

8.  Donald Trump issues call to all NBA teams to trade foreign-born players out of country

7. Kevin Love trade nixed - Injured himself answering telephone

6.  Sticking point with all players traded today: All want new cellphones - Don't trust Apple won't cave to Government

5.  Roger Goodell pressuring NBA, says Boston Celtics using deflated balls

4.  Sixers trade entire team for D-Leaguers, to stay in Draft Lottery for next 5-years

3.  To prevent from being traded, Demarcus Cousins now occupying Oregon wildlife refuge

2.  James threatens Liu and Griffin to make good trade - or else!

1.  Blake Griffin traded to WBC, if immediate match-up with Floyd Mayweather set

Friday, February 12, 2016

#DemDebate ... Bernie Shines ... Hillary Stumbles

Unlike the PartyofNoicans, the Democratic Debate in Milwaukee last night, as all the Dem Debates have been, was loaded with substance, and, in truth, for whatever camp you have your foot in, you can say your side won the debate.

However, a few things did occur that offers the thesis of our post title.

Bernie Sanders got off, perhaps, the single best line of all the debates, when Hillary Clinton was dissing him, for his alleged dissing of Obama, with his derisive retort;
"One of us ran against Barack Obama; I was not that candidate"

So, this may be where we can start explaining how "Hillary Stumbles", with a few faux pas that may/should come back to haunt her.

Point #1

Hillary made a handful of charges against Sanders, a craven pandering to the upcoming Primary in  South Carolina, that he didn't support President Obama, wrote a forward of a book that dissed Obama (he didn't, he wrote an innocuous testimonial), called him weak, and how could he call himself a Democrat with these kinds of statements.

Bernie, initially, defend himself, offering it was his right as a Senator to disagree with the President, and, as Hillary poured it on, Sanders, using time from his Closing Statement, offered the deadly, on-point, aforementioned best line of the debates.

What Hillary was doing with this charge was Dog Whistling to the African-Americans in South Carolina, proverbially saying "See, this guy doesn't like Black People".

Going this route, Hillary has shot off the Starter's Pistol for journalists and bloggers (one already has) to start digging through the 2008 Campaign, and digging up all the disingenuious, and racist mud, the Clinton Campaign threw at Obama.

Point #2

Hillary gave a big, wet kiss shout-out to the murderous, warmongering pond scum that goes by the name of Henry Kissinger.

Say what!?

She disses Sanders for alledgedly dissing Obama, and she embraces this guy?

And it's certainly not the first time, as she wrote a glowing review of one of his books.

For someone that claims to be a Liberal, Progressive Democrat, there is no reason, no circumstances, to utter even one kind word for, or about, this piece of smegma.

We'll have some Bonus Links below, that if this guy is someone she's getting advice from, well, as we Tweeted last night, a glimpse of her Presidency with
"‪#‎DemDebate‬ ...If HRC proud to have Kissinger with her, Syria beware of any Détente packages if she's elected ...

Point #3

Hillary waited until her Closing Statement (another Tweet we put up -  ‪#‎DemDebate‬ ...HRC Closing named so many names & acronyms, she should be wearing Racing Car Jacket), to level the line that has the Clintonites in glee today, that they've found the Holy Grail, offering that Sanders is a "One-Note candidate".

Bernie Sanders, to-date, has been offering his own vision of what's wrong with the country, and his own solutions.

Hillary, to-date, has been riding Obama's coattails, to the point that she (or he) may need to get commercial license plates.

She has said through all the debates that she'll continue the policies that Obama has laid out, and, essentially chided Sanders for not wanting to do the same (especially on Healthcare).

Aside for not articulating her own vision, this is arrogance, the materrial more suited for if she wins the nomination, that would be used in the General Election.

In short, Sanders is offering fresh ideas, while Hillary is offering we'll keep the status quo, the "establishment way", which Sanders has been effectively charging Hillary with, that the "establishment way" isn't working, and is part of the Rigged Game that is in place.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Living Free ...GOP Dying ...#NewHampshirePrimary

The Old Man on the Mountain must be sporting a frown this morning, as he watched the cranky Yankee Libertarians of his state push The Donald to the top of the Republician rubbish pile in yesterdays' New Hampshire Primary.

And the Sunshine Cleaning truck must be parked in front of GOP Headquarters, to engage in the gruesome mess of cleaning up all those exploded heads.

The Fascist, Racist, Homophophic Loudmouth from Manhatten came out on top, nearly doubling his closest competitor, the somnolent former Governor of Ohio, who all but moved to New Hampshire, and swore he was the lost son of William Loeb.

John Kasich is likely as excited today, as Robot Rubio was the day after Iowa, but instead of a meltdown in the next debate, he'll likely continue his Tone-It-Down-School Prinicple role, so far, ignoring the mudslinging going on all around him.

And, there was Jeb!, getting enough Granite Staters to clap for him, to the tune of rising - barely - into double-digits, and an even slimmer margin ahead of the 5th place finisher, his former Golden Boy, Robot Rubio.

So, for those whose heads didn't explode at GOP HQ, the quandry remains on who are they going to hold their noses for, and get behind.

By next voting day, Wall-Builder Trump, and Field Marshall Cruz will, likely, have taken Kaisch - proverbially - in a dark alley and beat the crap out of him, while Jeb! jumps up-and-down, shouting "Pick Me", and Rubio wanders the wasteland of his own echo chamber.

Everyone else left - Christie, Carson and Fiorina - are irrelevant.

The Democrats, on the other hand, only have a two-horse race to worry about, and Hillary is feeling "The Bern" this morning, getting jocked last night by Sanders, and having all the Clinton Déjà Vu bubble up.

Things be a little cloudy in Hillaryworld, basically, and surprisingly, only getting, essential a tie in Iowa, and now getting her bell rung in New Hampshire.

The Clintonites say not to worry, she owns the rest of the country, and will run Sanders into the ground.

But Sanders won out in New Hampshire, in every group, except those 65, or older, his campaign against the Establshment resonating, and getting louder and bigger.

There's rumblings of a Clinton Campaign shake-up (which probably inlcudes dusting off, oiling, and firing up the Clinton Game Machine), and finding a way for Hillary to matter, as much as Bernie Sanders seems to be doing.

In the post-debate wrap on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell talked about, in her Senate races, Hillary didn't attract new voters, that where she initially polled at, she stayed at.

And, we have three things happen in the past week or so, that could be rather ominous;

2. They tied in the Iowa Caucus
3. Bernie beats her by more that 20-points in New Hampshire 

So, there be some 'splaining to do on the Clinton side.

But the Dems race isn't likely to create big sparks - unless the Clintons go dirty.

The PartyofNoicans will provide that, and remain the bloody, mangled car accident we all can't take stop from looking at it.

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Why Is Mario "The Robot" Rubio A Surprise? ... We Called It Months Ago!

The Media, and Blogs, are having a gluttonous feast on National NFL Day, ripping the flesh, and licking the bones, of Mario "The Robot" Rubio, for his performance in last night's GOP Debate, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

He repeated, at least four times, virtually verbatim, the following;
“Let’s dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing,” ... “He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s trying to change this country.”
Blaring headlines, like "Rubio goes into repeat mode", from 'Politico', and 'Buzzzfeeds' "Under Attack, Marco Rubio Malfunctions — And Repeats The Same Line Four Times" and more, are out there.

The corpulent governor of New Jersey is being heralded as some kind of conquering hero, for pouncing on this during the debate, at one point, waving his hand, almost jumping up-and down, like the brainiac school kid who knows the correct answer, shouting;
“There it is!”  ...“There it is. The memorized 25-second speech. There it is, everybody.”
Please ....

Rubio's been robotic forever.

Here, at 'The Garlic', we called him out, back at the debate, in September, in our 
"And Marco Rubio's family immigration story is beginning to resemble TBS on Christmas Day, and, if he happens to be the last clown in the car, and actually gets elected, he'll make Keyser Sozo look like a piker ..."
And, again, in November, in 'The Lies That Made Milwaukee Famous';
"Golden Boy Marco Rubio lumped his broken-record family history into virtually every question he was asked, and in one, put out a clarion call "for more welders" erroneously citing welders make more money then philosophers ..."
We're hearing the haughty-toned phrases of "He's a first-term Senator" and he can't speak unless it's prepared in advance, can't riff on his feet.

This is the political party that nominated - and elected - the drooling, Swiss-Cheese-mind of Ronald Reagan, and the dim-lit bulb of JEBS! brother.

Marco 'The Robot" Rubio is following the tradition.

He's their perfect candidate.

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