Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Living Free ...GOP Dying ...#NewHampshirePrimary

The Old Man on the Mountain must be sporting a frown this morning, as he watched the cranky Yankee Libertarians of his state push The Donald to the top of the Republician rubbish pile in yesterdays' New Hampshire Primary.

And the Sunshine Cleaning truck must be parked in front of GOP Headquarters, to engage in the gruesome mess of cleaning up all those exploded heads.

The Fascist, Racist, Homophophic Loudmouth from Manhatten came out on top, nearly doubling his closest competitor, the somnolent former Governor of Ohio, who all but moved to New Hampshire, and swore he was the lost son of William Loeb.

John Kasich is likely as excited today, as Robot Rubio was the day after Iowa, but instead of a meltdown in the next debate, he'll likely continue his Tone-It-Down-School Prinicple role, so far, ignoring the mudslinging going on all around him.

And, there was Jeb!, getting enough Granite Staters to clap for him, to the tune of rising - barely - into double-digits, and an even slimmer margin ahead of the 5th place finisher, his former Golden Boy, Robot Rubio.

So, for those whose heads didn't explode at GOP HQ, the quandry remains on who are they going to hold their noses for, and get behind.

By next voting day, Wall-Builder Trump, and Field Marshall Cruz will, likely, have taken Kaisch - proverbially - in a dark alley and beat the crap out of him, while Jeb! jumps up-and-down, shouting "Pick Me", and Rubio wanders the wasteland of his own echo chamber.

Everyone else left - Christie, Carson and Fiorina - are irrelevant.

The Democrats, on the other hand, only have a two-horse race to worry about, and Hillary is feeling "The Bern" this morning, getting jocked last night by Sanders, and having all the Clinton Déjà Vu bubble up.

Things be a little cloudy in Hillaryworld, basically, and surprisingly, only getting, essential a tie in Iowa, and now getting her bell rung in New Hampshire.

The Clintonites say not to worry, she owns the rest of the country, and will run Sanders into the ground.

But Sanders won out in New Hampshire, in every group, except those 65, or older, his campaign against the Establshment resonating, and getting louder and bigger.

There's rumblings of a Clinton Campaign shake-up (which probably inlcudes dusting off, oiling, and firing up the Clinton Game Machine), and finding a way for Hillary to matter, as much as Bernie Sanders seems to be doing.

In the post-debate wrap on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell talked about, in her Senate races, Hillary didn't attract new voters, that where she initially polled at, she stayed at.

And, we have three things happen in the past week or so, that could be rather ominous;

2. They tied in the Iowa Caucus
3. Bernie beats her by more that 20-points in New Hampshire 

So, there be some 'splaining to do on the Clinton side.

But the Dems race isn't likely to create big sparks - unless the Clintons go dirty.

The PartyofNoicans will provide that, and remain the bloody, mangled car accident we all can't take stop from looking at it.

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