Friday, February 12, 2016

#DemDebate ... Bernie Shines ... Hillary Stumbles

Unlike the PartyofNoicans, the Democratic Debate in Milwaukee last night, as all the Dem Debates have been, was loaded with substance, and, in truth, for whatever camp you have your foot in, you can say your side won the debate.

However, a few things did occur that offers the thesis of our post title.

Bernie Sanders got off, perhaps, the single best line of all the debates, when Hillary Clinton was dissing him, for his alleged dissing of Obama, with his derisive retort;
"One of us ran against Barack Obama; I was not that candidate"

So, this may be where we can start explaining how "Hillary Stumbles", with a few faux pas that may/should come back to haunt her.

Point #1

Hillary made a handful of charges against Sanders, a craven pandering to the upcoming Primary in  South Carolina, that he didn't support President Obama, wrote a forward of a book that dissed Obama (he didn't, he wrote an innocuous testimonial), called him weak, and how could he call himself a Democrat with these kinds of statements.

Bernie, initially, defend himself, offering it was his right as a Senator to disagree with the President, and, as Hillary poured it on, Sanders, using time from his Closing Statement, offered the deadly, on-point, aforementioned best line of the debates.

What Hillary was doing with this charge was Dog Whistling to the African-Americans in South Carolina, proverbially saying "See, this guy doesn't like Black People".

Going this route, Hillary has shot off the Starter's Pistol for journalists and bloggers (one already has) to start digging through the 2008 Campaign, and digging up all the disingenuious, and racist mud, the Clinton Campaign threw at Obama.

Point #2

Hillary gave a big, wet kiss shout-out to the murderous, warmongering pond scum that goes by the name of Henry Kissinger.

Say what!?

She disses Sanders for alledgedly dissing Obama, and she embraces this guy?

And it's certainly not the first time, as she wrote a glowing review of one of his books.

For someone that claims to be a Liberal, Progressive Democrat, there is no reason, no circumstances, to utter even one kind word for, or about, this piece of smegma.

We'll have some Bonus Links below, that if this guy is someone she's getting advice from, well, as we Tweeted last night, a glimpse of her Presidency with
"‪#‎DemDebate‬ ...If HRC proud to have Kissinger with her, Syria beware of any D├ętente packages if she's elected ...

Point #3

Hillary waited until her Closing Statement (another Tweet we put up -  ‪#‎DemDebate‬ ...HRC Closing named so many names & acronyms, she should be wearing Racing Car Jacket), to level the line that has the Clintonites in glee today, that they've found the Holy Grail, offering that Sanders is a "One-Note candidate".

Bernie Sanders, to-date, has been offering his own vision of what's wrong with the country, and his own solutions.

Hillary, to-date, has been riding Obama's coattails, to the point that she (or he) may need to get commercial license plates.

She has said through all the debates that she'll continue the policies that Obama has laid out, and, essentially chided Sanders for not wanting to do the same (especially on Healthcare).

Aside for not articulating her own vision, this is arrogance, the materrial more suited for if she wins the nomination, that would be used in the General Election.

In short, Sanders is offering fresh ideas, while Hillary is offering we'll keep the status quo, the "establishment way", which Sanders has been effectively charging Hillary with, that the "establishment way" isn't working, and is part of the Rigged Game that is in place.

Bonus Links

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