Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Time For Timmy To Send Trump To The Cornfield.

Oh boy ...

We had, already, labeled The Donald as a Fascist, last week.

He's already evidenced he's a bigot, a racist, xenophobic, jingoistic, a grand ignoramus of history, so where do we place his latest smegma, of banning all Muslims - even American citizens living/working abroad - from entering the country?

We even did a follow-up post (It's Starting To Get Ugly Out There), after a Trump Rally crowd beat up a black protester, and a rifle-carrying Rightwing Freakshow militia group picketed a Texas mosque.

In a non-bizzaro political world (bizzaro this 2016 PartyofNoican campaign clearly is), his poll numbers would plummet, his money support would dry up, the media would bury, then shun him, and he would become a political pariah.

Except, despite his self-serving practice of bringing attention to himself with the most outrageous actions, The Donald is a living, breathing torch carrier for the PartyofNoicans.

You’ll remember that Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have both endorsed explicit religious tests for Syrian refugees entering the country that would only permit Christians to resettle. This is only slightly less-obviously unconstitutional than a blanket ban on Muslims, and is arguably harder to implement. Marco Rubio is actually to Donald Trump’s right when it comes to monitoring Muslims — citizens and non-citizens alike — who are already in the United States. Rand Paul has already introduced a bill in the Senate that would suspend all immigration from Syria and 30 other (predominantly Muslim-majority) countries.
All of these proposals send the same message: Muslims are a problem, and keeping Muslims out or sic-ing Big Brother on them while they are here is the solution. Banning them all from entering — feasible or no — is nothing more than the simplest formulation of the entire Republican Party’s core belief.

Rachel Maddow, last night, and with special guest, Senator Bernie Sanders hit on the same message - that virtually all the PartyofNoican candidates running for President have all come out with fascist, xenophobic, prejudicial proppsals for dealing with Muslims and other immigrants, just not as over-the-top as Trump (go to the link and watch the video, Sanders really nails it, using Demagoguery to blame someone else, and avoid the real issues).

And we appear to be stuck with him, as Lauren Fox at TPM notes;
Trump supporters don't appear willing to give up on their guy no matter how much the party elders distance themselves from him or condemn him. Trump is like the boyfriend with the motor cycle. The harder you try to keep your daughter away, the more she wants to date him. That's why an establishment-backed ad assault aimed at discrediting Trump among his fact-resistant following is unlikely to resonate.
Hard to imagine, with about two-months before the first primary, how much more debased Trump, or any of the other candidates, can go, other than to say, we may have to do another follow-up post of "It's Gotten Ugly Out There".

The video up top comes from a classic 'The Twilight Zone' episode, 'The Good Life'

Time to ask Timmy, to send Trump, and perhaps, the rest of the PartyofNoican candidates, to the cornfield.

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