Friday, February 12, 2016

#DemDebate ... Bernie Shines ... Hillary Stumbles

Unlike the PartyofNoicans, the Democratic Debate in Milwaukee last night, as all the Dem Debates have been, was loaded with substance, and, in truth, for whatever camp you have your foot in, you can say your side won the debate.

However, a few things did occur that offers the thesis of our post title.

Bernie Sanders got off, perhaps, the single best line of all the debates, when Hillary Clinton was dissing him, for his alleged dissing of Obama, with his derisive retort;
"One of us ran against Barack Obama; I was not that candidate"

So, this may be where we can start explaining how "Hillary Stumbles", with a few faux pas that may/should come back to haunt her.

Point #1

Hillary made a handful of charges against Sanders, a craven pandering to the upcoming Primary in  South Carolina, that he didn't support President Obama, wrote a forward of a book that dissed Obama (he didn't, he wrote an innocuous testimonial), called him weak, and how could he call himself a Democrat with these kinds of statements.

Bernie, initially, defend himself, offering it was his right as a Senator to disagree with the President, and, as Hillary poured it on, Sanders, using time from his Closing Statement, offered the deadly, on-point, aforementioned best line of the debates.

What Hillary was doing with this charge was Dog Whistling to the African-Americans in South Carolina, proverbially saying "See, this guy doesn't like Black People".

Going this route, Hillary has shot off the Starter's Pistol for journalists and bloggers (one already has) to start digging through the 2008 Campaign, and digging up all the disingenuious, and racist mud, the Clinton Campaign threw at Obama.

Point #2

Hillary gave a big, wet kiss shout-out to the murderous, warmongering pond scum that goes by the name of Henry Kissinger.

Say what!?

She disses Sanders for alledgedly dissing Obama, and she embraces this guy?

And it's certainly not the first time, as she wrote a glowing review of one of his books.

For someone that claims to be a Liberal, Progressive Democrat, there is no reason, no circumstances, to utter even one kind word for, or about, this piece of smegma.

We'll have some Bonus Links below, that if this guy is someone she's getting advice from, well, as we Tweeted last night, a glimpse of her Presidency with
"‪#‎DemDebate‬ ...If HRC proud to have Kissinger with her, Syria beware of any Détente packages if she's elected ...

Point #3

Hillary waited until her Closing Statement (another Tweet we put up -  ‪#‎DemDebate‬ ...HRC Closing named so many names & acronyms, she should be wearing Racing Car Jacket), to level the line that has the Clintonites in glee today, that they've found the Holy Grail, offering that Sanders is a "One-Note candidate".

Bernie Sanders, to-date, has been offering his own vision of what's wrong with the country, and his own solutions.

Hillary, to-date, has been riding Obama's coattails, to the point that she (or he) may need to get commercial license plates.

She has said through all the debates that she'll continue the policies that Obama has laid out, and, essentially chided Sanders for not wanting to do the same (especially on Healthcare).

Aside for not articulating her own vision, this is arrogance, the materrial more suited for if she wins the nomination, that would be used in the General Election.

In short, Sanders is offering fresh ideas, while Hillary is offering we'll keep the status quo, the "establishment way", which Sanders has been effectively charging Hillary with, that the "establishment way" isn't working, and is part of the Rigged Game that is in place.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Living Free ...GOP Dying ...#NewHampshirePrimary

The Old Man on the Mountain must be sporting a frown this morning, as he watched the cranky Yankee Libertarians of his state push The Donald to the top of the Republician rubbish pile in yesterdays' New Hampshire Primary.

And the Sunshine Cleaning truck must be parked in front of GOP Headquarters, to engage in the gruesome mess of cleaning up all those exploded heads.

The Fascist, Racist, Homophophic Loudmouth from Manhatten came out on top, nearly doubling his closest competitor, the somnolent former Governor of Ohio, who all but moved to New Hampshire, and swore he was the lost son of William Loeb.

John Kasich is likely as excited today, as Robot Rubio was the day after Iowa, but instead of a meltdown in the next debate, he'll likely continue his Tone-It-Down-School Prinicple role, so far, ignoring the mudslinging going on all around him.

And, there was Jeb!, getting enough Granite Staters to clap for him, to the tune of rising - barely - into double-digits, and an even slimmer margin ahead of the 5th place finisher, his former Golden Boy, Robot Rubio.

So, for those whose heads didn't explode at GOP HQ, the quandry remains on who are they going to hold their noses for, and get behind.

By next voting day, Wall-Builder Trump, and Field Marshall Cruz will, likely, have taken Kaisch - proverbially - in a dark alley and beat the crap out of him, while Jeb! jumps up-and-down, shouting "Pick Me", and Rubio wanders the wasteland of his own echo chamber.

Everyone else left - Christie, Carson and Fiorina - are irrelevant.

The Democrats, on the other hand, only have a two-horse race to worry about, and Hillary is feeling "The Bern" this morning, getting jocked last night by Sanders, and having all the Clinton Déjà Vu bubble up.

Things be a little cloudy in Hillaryworld, basically, and surprisingly, only getting, essential a tie in Iowa, and now getting her bell rung in New Hampshire.

The Clintonites say not to worry, she owns the rest of the country, and will run Sanders into the ground.

But Sanders won out in New Hampshire, in every group, except those 65, or older, his campaign against the Establshment resonating, and getting louder and bigger.

There's rumblings of a Clinton Campaign shake-up (which probably inlcudes dusting off, oiling, and firing up the Clinton Game Machine), and finding a way for Hillary to matter, as much as Bernie Sanders seems to be doing.

In the post-debate wrap on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell talked about, in her Senate races, Hillary didn't attract new voters, that where she initially polled at, she stayed at.

And, we have three things happen in the past week or so, that could be rather ominous;

2. They tied in the Iowa Caucus
3. Bernie beats her by more that 20-points in New Hampshire 

So, there be some 'splaining to do on the Clinton side.

But the Dems race isn't likely to create big sparks - unless the Clintons go dirty.

The PartyofNoicans will provide that, and remain the bloody, mangled car accident we all can't take stop from looking at it.

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Why Is Mario "The Robot" Rubio A Surprise? ... We Called It Months Ago!

The Media, and Blogs, are having a gluttonous feast on National NFL Day, ripping the flesh, and licking the bones, of Mario "The Robot" Rubio, for his performance in last night's GOP Debate, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

He repeated, at least four times, virtually verbatim, the following;
“Let’s dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing,” ... “He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s trying to change this country.”
Blaring headlines, like "Rubio goes into repeat mode", from 'Politico', and 'Buzzzfeeds' "Under Attack, Marco Rubio Malfunctions — And Repeats The Same Line Four Times" and more, are out there.

The corpulent governor of New Jersey is being heralded as some kind of conquering hero, for pouncing on this during the debate, at one point, waving his hand, almost jumping up-and down, like the brainiac school kid who knows the correct answer, shouting;
“There it is!”  ...“There it is. The memorized 25-second speech. There it is, everybody.”
Please ....

Rubio's been robotic forever.

Here, at 'The Garlic', we called him out, back at the debate, in September, in our 
"And Marco Rubio's family immigration story is beginning to resemble TBS on Christmas Day, and, if he happens to be the last clown in the car, and actually gets elected, he'll make Keyser Sozo look like a piker ..."
And, again, in November, in 'The Lies That Made Milwaukee Famous';
"Golden Boy Marco Rubio lumped his broken-record family history into virtually every question he was asked, and in one, put out a clarion call "for more welders" erroneously citing welders make more money then philosophers ..."
We're hearing the haughty-toned phrases of "He's a first-term Senator" and he can't speak unless it's prepared in advance, can't riff on his feet.

This is the political party that nominated - and elected - the drooling, Swiss-Cheese-mind of Ronald Reagan, and the dim-lit bulb of JEBS! brother.

Marco 'The Robot" Rubio is following the tradition.

He's their perfect candidate.

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