Thursday, October 01, 2015

Top Ten Cloves: Things Said Between Pope and Kim Davis

10.  Pope asked Davis if she could arrange meeting with Ronda Rousey for him

9.  Pope wanted to know how the food was in jail

8.  Argued about Deflategate (Davis saying Brady Cheated, Pope saying no he didn't)

7.  Compromise - Kim Davis told Pope she's willing to sign Alabama Driver's Licenses

6.  Pope curious if he's mentioned in any of Hillary Clinton's emails

4.  Pope asked her how she got 4 marriage licenses

3.  True Detective - both agreed new season sucks

2.  Pope asked if any gay priests applied for marriage licenses

1.  Kim Davis offered Pope cake from anti-gay Oregon bakers

Monday, September 28, 2015

Her Lips Are Moving

If we were playing 'Jeopardy' today, the correct response to the title of this post, would be the question "How can you tell when Carli Fiorina is lying?"

Arguing during the Sept. 16 GOP debate to defund Planned Parenthood, Ms. Fiorina offered this description of a disturbing scene that was supposedly captured on controversial undercover videos of the organization: “Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.” No such scene exists, as even some of her defenders have had to admit. Ms. Fiorina was challenged by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace to acknowledge “what every fact checker has found”: that the scene was only described by someone who claimed to have witnessed it but was not shown in the video.
Instead she insisted: “No, I don’t accept that at all. I’ve seen the footage.” She went on the attack against the mainstream media, and her supporters concocted a video that splices video and audio from different places in an effort to buttress her claims. Most deceptive in the CARLY for America video is use of an image (also used in the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress) of a fetus born prematurely, not aborted, at 19 weeks of development. The premature birth by a Pennsylvania woman had no connection to Planned Parenthood or to abortion. That, though, didn’t stop Ms. Fiorina’s supporters from using it — with the voice-over and caption of “Here’s a stomach, heart, kidney, and adrenal” — to support specious allegations of Planned Parenthood selling fetal tissue for profit.

She's been doubling down on this so much for a few weeks now, she could probably campaign walking on HP printers stretched from coast-to-coast, and, yesterday, on 'Meet The Lapdog' she must be entering into Pi on how often she sputters this garbage.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why Isn't Ted Cruz Arrested For Threatening To Kill A World Leader?

Simply astonishing.

If elected (bet on the snowball in hell beating him) the Joe-McCarthy-look-alike-Teabagger Wingnut Senator Ted Cruz will be stepping into arrestable grounds.

Ted Cruz said Friday at the Value Voters Summit conference in Washington, D.C., “If you vote for me, under no circumstances will Iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. And if the ayatollah doesn’t understand that, we may have to help introduce him to his 72 virgins.”
We'll skip the irony of this gathering of PartyofNoicans being labeled "Value Voters".

It would appear the rabble-rousing Senator is ignorant of the 1978 law, banning political assassinations.

Executive Order 11905 is a United States Presidential Executive Order signed on February 18, 1976, by President Gerald R. Ford as an attempt to reform the United States Intelligence Community, improve oversight on foreign intelligence activities, and ban political assassination.[1][2] Much of this EO would be changed or strengthened by Jimmy Carter's Executive Order 12036 in 1978.
This came about from the post-Watergate mop up of National Criminal President Richard M. Nixon's enterprise, led by the Church Committee, of Senator Frank Church (D-ID), or the  United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.

If the Idiot Senator was only joking ...

Well, considering the United States' history of assassinating World Leaders, and the need of Executive Order 11905 (which was reaffirmed by both Presidents, Carter and Reagan), it's not something to boast about as your qualifications for the Office of President.

Best advise I can offer to the threatened Ayatollah Khamenei is to Google Senator Ted Cruz, and have yourself a good laugh.