Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Good Post - Will Bunch - "The 10 unanswered questions of 9/11"

If you have been paying attention to the media this week, be it television or radio (particularly NPR), you can see, hear and feel the tsunami of Sept 11th-related stories, building up to the 10th Anniversary this Sunday.

From the tragically sad and heart-breaking, to the softer, uplifting optimistic ones, perhaps, as one of the programs, on 'The Takeaway', has a series dealing with the children born after that horrible day.

And when this 10th Anniversary arrives, we will still be occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, not, necessarily, related to the events the Anniversary commemorates.

Today, Will Bunch has as his column a reminder, how after 10-years now, we still have so many unanswered questions;

The 10 unanswered questions of 9/11

Go read Will Bunch, it's a good piece.

And, one of the items is, perhaps, the least highlighted;

6. Who killed five Americans with anthrax in the fall of 2001?

There's much that has been written about the scientist who, allegedly, was behind the Anthrax attacks, and for my money, it plays out like a rough draft for the sequel to 'The Paralex View'.

Also, we would be remiss if we didn't point to Anne Applebaum's piece in 'Slate' earlier this week -"The Worst Mistake America Made After 9/11 - How focusing too much on the war on terror undermined our economy and global power."