Sunday, March 13, 2016

As To The Trump Violence, We're Doing The "I Told You So"

Going back to the early days of the campaign, some media did report the violence at Trump events.

Since the cancelled Trump Rally in Chicago Friday night, the floodgates have been open, with many fulminating over the Trump violence, offering details of past Trump events and timelines to illuminate it.

Today, we have Josh Marshall at TPM offering "Someone Will Die", Karen Tumulty, and others, at WaPO asking "Trump has lit a fire. Can it be contained?", and you can go out to Memeorandum for more.

All well, and good, these writings.

It's just that the timelines and denunciations of Trump Violence doesn't go back far enough.

After pointing to Trump's Fascism on November 20th, from the GOP Debate, and Trump doubling down on his call to close all Mosques, and track all Muslims, it took all of 24-48-hours to see what his rhetoric wrought.

A day later, we highlighted,  straight out of Central Casting, and on-cue, "Armed protesters stalk peaceful Muslims at Texas mosque: We want to show force"

These were the early days of the campaign, when the Republican Establishment, and many in the Media, believed that Trump wasn't a serious candidate, that he would either self-implode, or drop out.

But he didn't do either, instead, gained strength, in part, hammering the GOP's Golden Saviour JEB!, to the point, JEB! was the one that self-imploded and dropped out.

And, the rhetoric, and violence continued at Trump events, escalating, to where we are now.

Trump is blaming Bernie Sanders, and his supporters, for the disruptions at his events this weekend, even, on stage, mocking Sanders, for when protester took over Sanders on-stage, taking the microphone away from him, to which we noted, back in November;
So, according to The Donald, Bernie Sanders is a wimp, for not kicking the shit out of the protesters at his event. 
And, The Donald, with a comment like that, has given tacit approval for his supporters to beat up anyone who protests, or, criticizes The Donald.
We've see that come to fruition, the violence, and mocking of Sanders, which Trump will milk, at least, until Tuesday, when there's a new round of Primary Voting, and we see what impact the weekend's events has on the outcomes.

We ended our November post with;
Before some actually gets murdered, time for The Donald, all the presidential candidates to adopt a policy of #AllWordsMatter.
Otherwise, the campaign trails melts down to a free-for-all, and the candidate with the better fighters and goons wins.
We refrained in November, so, now, belatedly, we told you so.

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