Friday, July 21, 2006

Developing Story - Breaking News! Bush Veteos Stem Cells and NAACP

Another Bush First - Adds Signing Statement to Stem Cell Veto, Vetoing NAACP

In Solidifying Base, GOP Telling African Americans “You’re Either With Us, Or Against Us”

In a day of “firsts” for President Bush, the White House hit the trifecta, as the President added one of his growing controversial Signing Statements to his veto of the Stem Cell Bill, vetoing the NAACP, the historic civil rights organization that the President graced their annual convention for just the first time earlier in the day

With the President using the veto for the very first time in his presidency, to kill off the Stem Cell Funding Bill, and having issued over 700 Signing Statements, this is, according to many in the Beltway, unprecedented.

“This is beyond being bold, holding on to your values,” offered Ann Mitchell, veteran Capital Hill journalist. “This president is exhibiting, more and more, that he believes he has imperial powers... He’s using the Signing Statements as decrees to his subjects.”

NAACP executives and members were stunned with the news, having received the uplifting notice that the U.S. Senate, after a few bumps, voted 98-0 to extend the expiring Voting Rights Act, the measure so critical to the Civil Rights Movement.

Signed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965, the Voting Rights Act outlawed literacy tests and poll taxes that many Southern states used to prevent blacks from voting and maintain their culture of prejudice and segregation.

NAACP president and chief executive Bruce S. Gordon said he was “speechless” when he heard that, after leaving the NAACP Convention, pointing out that President Bush, in his speech, said “I consider it a tragedy that the party of Abraham Lincoln let go of its historic ties with the African-American community. For too long my party wrote off the African-American vote and many African- Americans wrote off the Republican Party.”

After being interrupted by a round of polite applause, Bush followed with “That history has prevented us from working together when we agree on great goals. And it's not good for our country. That's why I've come to share with you. We put the interest of the country above political party... I want to change the relationship.”

‘Who knew when he said that,” a somber Gordon noted softly, “that he was drawing a line, cutting us off, closing down the big tent.”

“What they are saying to us,” said NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, “is their now worn out refrain of you’re with us or against us.”

Sources tell The Garlic that early this morning, Gordon and the executive board of the NAACP were served with papers from the IRS, rescinding their Non-Profit status.

Many in Washington believe this move by President Bush, to strike with vetoes and Signing Statements is the latest incarnation of Karl Rove and the RNC’s 2006 Mid-Term Election strategy.

The White House has issued no comments about the Signing Statement Veto of the NAACP and the RNC would only say that they are “ focused on hanging on to the House and Senate.”

More as this story develops

In issuing his first veto yesterday, President Bush added one of his growing, controversial Signing Statements, that vetoes the NAACP, who the President addressed earlier in the day for the first time

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Focus On Family’s New Anti-Gay Website

News Item: For Springs, domestic partnership an issue in dog days of summer

10. Made a pointed, loud firing of member who, mistakenly, attempted to place “Boys Don’t Cry” on FOF Recommended Films list

9. Streaming Dr. Laura’s radio program

8. When you first log-in to site, theme music of “Macho Man” plays

7. To tie in the “Dogs aren’t born mooing” thing, will have monthly section of clean, family-friendly “farmer’s daughter” jokes

6. Wants Ann Coulter to post list of any liberal, New York Times reporter or Jersey Girl that is gay - but only if she can provide documentable sources

5. Though Dr. Robert Spitzer says "Some people can and do change," he thinks the guy that wore the dog suit is a goner

4. Attempting to get Pat Robertson endorsement, and have him say Boston’s Big Dig Tunnel Ceiling Collapse was because Massachusetts legalized Same-Sex Marriage

3. Bill Bennett is betting that the website will be a winner

2. Despite White House endorsement, regrettably, can’t let Jeff Gannon write for the site

1. With Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, planning a “Judy Garland Sunday”, to provide misinformation and reinforce stereotypes for the base

Family of Focus Founder James Dobson said that he launched the anti-gay website “No-Moo-Lies” because “nothing is safe anymore ... They’ve even made Superman gay ...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Eye On The Garlic

Yesterday (Wednesday) CBS News’ Blogophile - Special Report With Melissa McNamara highlighted and linked The Garlic, in their report on the Department of Homeland Security’s delay in filling their Cyber Security Post.

Blogophile quoted two entries of The Garlic’s Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Why Homeland Security Can’t Fill Cyber Security Post

Visit Blogophile - Special Report With Melissa McNamara

Visit the post featuring The Garlic - Have They Tried Craigslist?

Visit Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Why Homeland Security Can’t Fill Cyber Security Post

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Breaking News!- Hannity, Coulter Call For Action

Talk Host Hannity Blasts U.N., Lebanon Over Evacuation; “Again, They Let The Buses Sit Idle”

Gets Backed By Coulter; Evacuate All “Except Any liberals, New York Times Reporters, or Any of The Jersey Girls”

Despite the escalating bombing and fighting going on, ABC Radio Networks and Fox News Talk Host Sean Hannity blasted, last night, the United Nations and the Lebanese Government over the slow evacuation of over 15,000 U.S. Citizens from the war zone of Southern Lebanon.

“Where did they get their plans from – that bozo down in New Orleans ... Mayor Nagin?”

Hannity held little back, calling for the resignation of U.N. Chief Kofi Annan, saying that “maybe he should reverse his scam for a few days, give some of the oil back so they can get the buses fired up.”

Hannity also suggested that the Lebanese Government dissolve itself and, either let U.S. official move in to set up a temporary government, or call immediate elections.

“These guys make the Democrats look competent and busy,” said Hannity.

“Once again,” stated the conservative Hannity, through tight lips and red-faced, “they let the buses sit idle... Thousands of buses all over Lebanon just sitting there ... You mean to tell me that they couldn’t have loaded up those buses to get the Americans out of danger? ... No, they’d rather let the buses sit there and then turn around and blame George Bush... It’s all Bush’s fault ...”

Hannity also pointed out the lack of use of the train service to ferry evacuees out of the area.

“I heard that Amtrak, or whatever cattle-car type of system they have over there made an offer but it was rejected.”

“Let me say this,” Hannity offered, pointing a finger for added effect, “our President, George Bush, the one man who is trying to clean up this world we live in, if his hands weren’t tied, would have these people out of there, no question about it.”

When a reporter pointed out to Hannity, that, perhaps, it would be difficult, if not dangerous, driving buses in an area being bombarded by the Israelis, day and night, Hannity cut the reporter off.

“Oh, so we should let the terrorists do anything they want? ... “We should coddle them, instead of bombing and killing them? ... What world are you in, pal? Who do you write for, the New York Times?

‘Thousands” Call Hannity To Drive Buses; Arizona Minutemen Offer Aid

Hannity claims that he’s received hundreds, “thousands” of calls and emails, of people telling him they would go over and drive the buses.

According to Hannity, the Arizona Minutemen have offered their services, to go over to Lebanon, not actually to drive buses and evacuate Americans, they would, from their lawn chairs, monitor the evacuation and report to the proper authorities, any illegal aliens that attempt to be evacuated.

“I tell you, are they stand-up Americans or what ... And, if I didn’t have a radio and a television show, I’d go over with them.”

Hannity was dismissive of the plan to employ private cruise ships to move the evacuees, over 15,000 who have registered according to the State Department

“Who came up with that bright idea,” lamented Hannity. “Sounds like something John Kerry or Howard Dean would say”

“With all the problems and dangers we’ve reported on with the cruise ship lines that are just asking for trouble. How many more “George Smiths” will we see come out of this ...”

Coulter: “Everyone except any liberals, New York Times reporters or any of the Jersey Girls”

A frequent guest of Hannity, on both his ABC Radio Network show, and his Fox News program, the conservative pundit and alleged plagiarist Ann Coulter backed Hannity in criticizing the evacuation of Americans out of Lebanon

“We should have been getting people out of there before the bombs fell,” said Coulter. ‘Well, everyone except any liberals, New York Times reporters, or any of the Jersey Girls, if they happened to be in Lebanon.

“I mean, c’mon guys,” added Coulter, “do we really have to think that hard about this? I mean, first off, if they followed my advice ... We already invaded their country, so now all we have to do is just kill the leaders and convert all the others ...”

Hannity, on the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon - “Again, They Let The Buses Sit Idle”

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Ralph Reed Losing His Election

News Item: Republican Candidate Linked to Abramoff Loses in Ga. Primary

10. Karma - Indian casinos mobilized Christian voters to vote for State Senator Casey Cagle

9. Regrets not setting himself up in Florida, where Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris could have “helped” him get elected

8. How would Jesus lose an election?

7. Really perplexed by loss, especially since they used Diebold machines

6. Hmmm ... Maybe that Top Cyber Security Post over at Homeland Security is still open is still open ...

5. Bill Bennett bet the line on Reed losing and made a bundle!

4. Definitely hurt by Joe Lieberman saying he was thinking about running in race as an Independent

3. Second guessing having Ann Coulter write his campaign speeches

2. Now has more time to visit Jack Abramoff in jail

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About President Bush’s First Veto

News Item: Bush Set to Use First Veto on Stem Cell Bill

10. Teases Vice President Cheney – Says this is how he will sign his pardon, if he decides to offer one

9. Needs to sign veto quickly – Senator Rick Santorum calling Press Conference to say he’s found batch of stem cells

8. Reflects for a moment – How would Jesus sign a veto?

7. Before signing veto, asks if Syria and Iran are behind this stem cell thing

6. Long delay before signing veto, having to wait for Secret Service to sweep room for any microphones that will pick up unscripted comments

5. Staff has to endure President’s not-very-good Marlon Brando-as-Vito Corleone impersonation

4. Asks staff to tie veto into Global War On Terror; Doesn’t anyone else remember the CIA saying something about Sadam Hussein trying to purchase stem cells

3. Has to fight off Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT?), who is filing papers this morning that will allow him to veto bill

2. Because of jet lag in returning from G8, gets confused and adds a Signing Statement to bill

1. Confident Karl Rove will come up with some lie or smear to make it look like Democrats vetoed bill

Related Post

White House, Preparing For Port Showdown, To Run "Veto" Classes For Bush

President Bush has warned Congress, that if they attempt to override his first veto, he will likely have newly hired Bush Team member, and World Cup star and legendary French soccer captain, Zinedine Zidane pay a visit to Capital Hill, so they can put their heads together on backing the President

Monday, July 17, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Other Unscripted Comments Heard At The G8 Luncheon

News Item: Microphone Captures Bush's Unscripted Comments at G-8

10. How come you never took me to Graceland when I visited?

9. I finally found a way to bust Cheney’s balls ... I’ve been emailing him from here, telling him if he’s convicted, I won’t pardon him

8. Who’s manning the pool? Put me in for Chirac and the French not getting behind, or giving any aid, to anything we do here?

7. Is it me, or have you noticed Putin hittin’ the old Russian Vodka a little too much?

6. Yeah, sure ... Next time Condi goes over to see you, I’ll ask her to wear the outfit you like

5. Tony ... See if we can get back to the meeting room before the others ... I want you to show me the map again, and which one is Syria and which one is Lebanon

4. (After taking a sip from a glass) Oh wow! ... I could have had a G8? ... Oh, that’s right, you guys don’t have that over here ...

3. You wait and see ... I’m sure Kofi will find some way for him and his son to make money off this thing

2. That bastard Bush blew it for me ... I wanted to belly kiss Merkel, during the reception the other night

1. So much for stopping off in Beirut for some of those candies on the way home

Tony ... See if we can get back to the meeting room before the others ... I want you to show me the map again and which one is Syria and which one is Lebanon

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 16 July 2006

After being stunned by President Bush with a hearty belly kiss last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has now made it a policy, when meeting with world leaders to be seated and have a third-party between her and the other leader

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT?) said that if he had known in advance, he would have eschewed kissing President Bush after the State of the Union speech and waited for a good, wet belly kiss from Bush

Recently retired/resigned/fired "The View" co-host Star Jones Reynolds has come out and called for the resignation or firing of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

Jones said of Rumsfeld handing of the Iraq War and the Global War on Terrorism, or her own firing, "It just isn't fair"

New MSNBC Chief Dan Abrams defended his decision not to send any MSNBC reporters or hosts to the escalating conflict in the Middle East, saying that he can pull content from NBC and that "we'll have a ton of documentaries on this over the next few months"

Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs of State Karen Hughes has launched a new program to help promote the United States to other countries. Hughes is planning the Lady Liberty Tour, where Lady Liberty will attend sporting events and promote America and American values to sports fans during the game and matches.

No word from the State Department if Lady Liberty will have a role in Hughes’ flagship program, the International Tupperware Parties

Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) has called a press conference for Monday, to announce the discovery of two American Legion members in Iraq, but stopped short of saying they were Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the reason the Bush Administration manipulated the intelligence to invade and occupy Iraq

Poll Results ... It's A Three Amigos Kind of Day ... The Garlic's Weekly Poll July 9 - July 15 2006 ... New Poll - Cheney Reaction To Lawsuit

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have snuck a look at this past week’s Garlic Poll, when he dissed President Bush’s policy in Iraq ... Our voters in the survey poll took a dim view of the Administration’s diplomatic strategies ...

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll July 9 - July 15 2006

With President Bush seemingly ending his Cowboy Diplomacy, this signals that ...

1. With what has happened in Iraq, so far, around Washington, and what they are picking up on the wiretaps, people snickering Cowboy Diplomacy must be based on “The Three Amigos” 34%

2. Unlike former Secretary of State Colin Powell, confident Condi Rice, when the time comes, will really sell the U.N. on invading North Korea 28%

3. Like Iraq, plans on leaving North Korean crisis to future presidents 24%
Wants to settle into a low-key mode for his Lame Duck status 14%

This week’s Poll - When Vice President Dick Cheney found out he was being sued by Valarie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson, Cheney ...

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