Friday, July 21, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Focus On Family’s New Anti-Gay Website

News Item: For Springs, domestic partnership an issue in dog days of summer

10. Made a pointed, loud firing of member who, mistakenly, attempted to place “Boys Don’t Cry” on FOF Recommended Films list

9. Streaming Dr. Laura’s radio program

8. When you first log-in to site, theme music of “Macho Man” plays

7. To tie in the “Dogs aren’t born mooing” thing, will have monthly section of clean, family-friendly “farmer’s daughter” jokes

6. Wants Ann Coulter to post list of any liberal, New York Times reporter or Jersey Girl that is gay - but only if she can provide documentable sources

5. Though Dr. Robert Spitzer says "Some people can and do change," he thinks the guy that wore the dog suit is a goner

4. Attempting to get Pat Robertson endorsement, and have him say Boston’s Big Dig Tunnel Ceiling Collapse was because Massachusetts legalized Same-Sex Marriage

3. Bill Bennett is betting that the website will be a winner

2. Despite White House endorsement, regrettably, can’t let Jeff Gannon write for the site

1. With Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, planning a “Judy Garland Sunday”, to provide misinformation and reinforce stereotypes for the base

Family of Focus Founder James Dobson said that he launched the anti-gay website “No-Moo-Lies” because “nothing is safe anymore ... They’ve even made Superman gay ...

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