Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Breaking News!- Hannity, Coulter Call For Action

Talk Host Hannity Blasts U.N., Lebanon Over Evacuation; “Again, They Let The Buses Sit Idle”

Gets Backed By Coulter; Evacuate All “Except Any liberals, New York Times Reporters, or Any of The Jersey Girls”

Despite the escalating bombing and fighting going on, ABC Radio Networks and Fox News Talk Host Sean Hannity blasted, last night, the United Nations and the Lebanese Government over the slow evacuation of over 15,000 U.S. Citizens from the war zone of Southern Lebanon.

“Where did they get their plans from – that bozo down in New Orleans ... Mayor Nagin?”

Hannity held little back, calling for the resignation of U.N. Chief Kofi Annan, saying that “maybe he should reverse his scam for a few days, give some of the oil back so they can get the buses fired up.”

Hannity also suggested that the Lebanese Government dissolve itself and, either let U.S. official move in to set up a temporary government, or call immediate elections.

“These guys make the Democrats look competent and busy,” said Hannity.

“Once again,” stated the conservative Hannity, through tight lips and red-faced, “they let the buses sit idle... Thousands of buses all over Lebanon just sitting there ... You mean to tell me that they couldn’t have loaded up those buses to get the Americans out of danger? ... No, they’d rather let the buses sit there and then turn around and blame George Bush... It’s all Bush’s fault ...”

Hannity also pointed out the lack of use of the train service to ferry evacuees out of the area.

“I heard that Amtrak, or whatever cattle-car type of system they have over there made an offer but it was rejected.”

“Let me say this,” Hannity offered, pointing a finger for added effect, “our President, George Bush, the one man who is trying to clean up this world we live in, if his hands weren’t tied, would have these people out of there, no question about it.”

When a reporter pointed out to Hannity, that, perhaps, it would be difficult, if not dangerous, driving buses in an area being bombarded by the Israelis, day and night, Hannity cut the reporter off.

“Oh, so we should let the terrorists do anything they want? ... “We should coddle them, instead of bombing and killing them? ... What world are you in, pal? Who do you write for, the New York Times?

‘Thousands” Call Hannity To Drive Buses; Arizona Minutemen Offer Aid

Hannity claims that he’s received hundreds, “thousands” of calls and emails, of people telling him they would go over and drive the buses.

According to Hannity, the Arizona Minutemen have offered their services, to go over to Lebanon, not actually to drive buses and evacuate Americans, they would, from their lawn chairs, monitor the evacuation and report to the proper authorities, any illegal aliens that attempt to be evacuated.

“I tell you, are they stand-up Americans or what ... And, if I didn’t have a radio and a television show, I’d go over with them.”

Hannity was dismissive of the plan to employ private cruise ships to move the evacuees, over 15,000 who have registered according to the State Department

“Who came up with that bright idea,” lamented Hannity. “Sounds like something John Kerry or Howard Dean would say”

“With all the problems and dangers we’ve reported on with the cruise ship lines that are just asking for trouble. How many more “George Smiths” will we see come out of this ...”

Coulter: “Everyone except any liberals, New York Times reporters or any of the Jersey Girls”

A frequent guest of Hannity, on both his ABC Radio Network show, and his Fox News program, the conservative pundit and alleged plagiarist Ann Coulter backed Hannity in criticizing the evacuation of Americans out of Lebanon

“We should have been getting people out of there before the bombs fell,” said Coulter. ‘Well, everyone except any liberals, New York Times reporters, or any of the Jersey Girls, if they happened to be in Lebanon.

“I mean, c’mon guys,” added Coulter, “do we really have to think that hard about this? I mean, first off, if they followed my advice ... We already invaded their country, so now all we have to do is just kill the leaders and convert all the others ...”

Hannity, on the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon - “Again, They Let The Buses Sit Idle”

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