Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Things About NASA Crashing Rocket Into Moon

News Item: NASA scientists crash rocket into the Moon in search for water

10. This was NASA's first "Twitter" mission - All programming codes were 140 characters, or less

9. Moon immediately appealed to Obama Administration, for Stimulus Funds, to repair area where rocket crashed

8. Crash ended up cutting off Dr. Edgar Mitchell's phone line

7. Reason looking for water on Moon is to find place to extradite Neocon Dolphins to

6. Not sure why, but David Letterman apologized for rocket crashing into Moon

5. Crash wasn't intended - Astronauts drunk again

4. Big Hoax ... Just a stunt to get new footage for "Star Wars in Concert" show this Fall

3. Wasn't actually a NASA Mission, but a left-over prank from Yuri Night

2. It's really a Quid Pro Quo - Moon will crash rocket into Oklahoma, looking for signs of intelligence

1. Even Man-On-Moon was asking "Why did Obama win Nobel Peace Prize?"

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